Free Thaddeus Free Thaddeus Vocab 111-205

Question Answer
merchant a storekeeper; one who trades on a large scale
obligated something a person is expected or feels necessary to do to repay a courtesy; duty
spectacle an impressive public display designed to appeal to the eye
impacted a forceful or dramatic effect
obscured not clearly understood, seen, felt, or heard
stunned to daze; to stupefy
sabotaging destroying
vindictive revengeful
idiosyncrasies a queer or unusual way, as of acting, thinking, or dressing; a peculiarity
instilled cause to enter the mind, heart, etc. gradually
contingency a happening or event depending on something that is uncertain
integrity honesty or sincerity
verbatim word for word; in exactly the same words
unsolicited not trying to get; not making appeals or requests; unasked for
valid effective; supported by facts
menace a threat
malicious feeling strong ill will; mean and spiteful; caused by malice
chaos complete confusion and disorder
gross whole, entire, total
scenario an outline of a play or movie giving the main facts of each scene
commotion excitement and confusion
ploy a trick to gain advantage over one's opponent

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