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They were “Freed Blacks” but couldn’t even be granted the freedom m to vote as the other “free” men of the country were. Other than not being able to vote, t he free blacks were not able to even participate in the jury. Only one state out of all of the n rather states gave blacks the right to be in the jury. (Document A) The New England states were more open to letting the blacks vote, all states but one in that region allowed the bal sacks to vote. (Document A) The white men made it clear that they could not vote nor take p lace in their jury. Document B) They were highly upset, as I would be too, they were name d “free” but did not have the FREEdom to even participate in courts and to vote.

Blacks wow old have to eve private meeting in their church to have meetings about voting rights and things of that nature that they were not allowed to take part in. (Document D) Therefore not being able to be truly free. Having different social expectations and not being allowed to do certain thing because of your skin color is not being free whatsoever.

The first amendment contains five freedoms that a person living under the constitution gets. These are: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom to petition, and freedom of as assembly. The blacks were not able to sit down and enjoy a meal in the same restaurant as a white man.

(Document B) That is no kind of freedom at all. The blacks were not even hire d for jobs in Marina 3 many places. (Doc C) How were they expected to make a living for themselves if they were not even given the privilege to work just because of their skin color.

The discouragement was great in between the freed blacks, because of the fact the at they were pushed down whenever they tried to strive.

What kind of free country does n to let its people strive and try to live as best as they can. Having the freedom to do any thing with leisure as normal citizens was not available to the free blacks. They were not a Lowed to have the same luxury in the theater as the whites or even associate with the whites without being reprimanded. (Document B) Not being given any true freedom to the “FRR e” blacks.

Economy was difficult for the freed blacks because they were so used to the rejection of the whites. Finding a job for the blacks was hard because they did not know how to read or write. They were also not hired because the other white worker RSI would not want to work with the free blacks. (Doc C) So much negativity towards the blab CSS discouraged them from getting a job or even trying to live a happy life. (Dock meet C) The lacks felt as if they were inferior to the whites and felt weak.

They wanted to be more than the worthless people everyone looks down upon.

What kind of society treats ” free” men and women this way. If that were the case everyone should feel inferior to EAI chi other and no one should have a job. The North kept the blacks free but did not act like t haywire free. They were not to be sold in the north, they were not to be held as slaves, but did not associate with them either. How were they supposed to find jobs if the owner s of Marina 4 companies and franchises were whites.

Being free is being able to apply to an job and have the equal opportunity as any other person applying.

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