Frederick Douglas Chapter 10

Why does Mr. Covey whip Frederick?
he spent most of the day struggling with the oxen; he broke a gate

Why are the slaves so fearful of Mr. Covey? Why does their work go on in his absence?
They never know when he is going to sneak up on him. He likes to slither through the grass and catch them idle

What does Frederick mean by “Mr. Covey’s forte consisted in his power to deceive”?
he is a very religious man who is constantly worshiping and being a big paradox

Why does Mr. Covey buy a slave to use as a breeder?
He doesn’t have enough money to buy more slaves so if he has one breeding slave, he can have as many slaves as she can give birth to

How does Mr. Covey succeed in breaking Frederick?
His spirit became broken because of the tremendous amounts of work and the intense amount of discipline

How does Frederick succeed in again becoming a man?
He fought back when Mr. Covey started to beat him after returning from his absence

Why does Frederick go to Master Thomas Auld?
He just believed one day that he was so weak and tired he couldn’t work anymore so he just declared he was going to stop work and went to Thomas. He wanted to be done with Mr. Covey and expected his master to ask Covey to justify why

Why does he return to Mr. Covey? Who convinces him? What does Sandy Jenkins suggest that he do?
Master Thomas Auld makes him return. Sandy Jenkins convinces him to go back to Covey and tells him to find a root in the woods and keep on his right side to prevent being whipped.

How does Frederick win the fight with Mr. Covey?
he didn’t stop fighting and instead just kept throwing punches

Why does Frederick contend that Mr. Covey does not turn him in?
He didn’t want to ruin his slave breaking reputation

What would have happened if Frederick had been turned in?
He would have been regularly whipped by the constable for raising a hand against a white man

Why is the battle with Mr. Covey a turning point in his career as a slave?
rekindled all his ideas of freedom; awarded by his little triumph

How are the holidays used to “disgust the slave with freedom”?
They were only free to not work for six days a year basically and if they didn’t go away and have fun it was considered ungrateful by their masters

Where does Frederick go after leaving Mr. Covey’s on January 1, 1834?
Mr. William Freeland; not as religious slave master, nicer, gave them enough food and time to eat it

Why does Frederick decide to include the anecdotes about the two religious slaveholders? (Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Weeden)
That religious masters are the worst because they felt they needed to prove every single one of their beliefs with slavery

Why and where does Frederick begin a Sabbath school? Why is it essential that the slaves tell no one about it?
the house of a freed colored man; they didn’t want to get in trouble with the white masters for learning to read

What would the slaveholders like the slaves to do on the Sabbath ? Why is it ironic?
The slaveholders want them to wrestle and take part in other degrading sport like that; ironic because the masters are practicing Christians who should just want the slaves to be converted

Why does Frederick decide to include the slaves in his Sabbath school in his plans for freedom? Why id it dangerous?
He wanted to include them and didn’t want to go into freedom leaving them behind; dangerous because they could be punished as well

How do the slaves plan to run away?
they would get a canoe and sail through the Chesapeake until they get to Marlyand

What are the protections written by Frederick?
They were notes that said the slaves were on Easter holiday

What happens to their plan, and how do the protections nearly cause their deaths?
someone sold them out; the protections would have sold them out completetly

What happens to each of the slaves?
they were taken to jail and then all of them were taken out of jail except for Frederick

When Frederick returns to Baltimore, what does he do?
live with Master Hugh to learn a trade; worked in the shipyard

Frederick again decides to fight when he is attacked. What happens to him? What does Master Hugh attempt to do for Frederick?
He fights back and the white men get angry; he flees away; Master Hugh tries to fix it and free Frederick from blame

What must Frederick do with the wages he earns each week as a caulker? Why?
He has to give them to his master

For what two reasons does Frederick tell us he cannot relate the means of his escape?
1) other people could get in trouble (embarrassing difficulties)
2) slaveholders would get a lot more intense and be more restrictive with their slaves

Why does he not approve of the underground railroad?
He thinks that they are too public with their intentions. Being so public doesn’t do anything to help all the other slaves but it increases he watchfulness of the slave masters

What did Master Thomas do to encourage Frederick to earn more money? Effect?
He gave him six cents.
It belittled him

What does Frederick ask of Thomas? What is he told?
He wants to be hired out himself and earn his own money; that if he is happy, he will put forth no plans and just be complacent under the slaveholder

What arrangement does Frederick eventually make with Master Hugh? Why is this arrangement to Master Hugh’s advantage? Why does he agree to it? (Fred)
FD is hired out by Master Hugh; Hugh was a slave master but didn’t need to be evil and everything was already covered; Fred thought it was better than being a complete slave

What does Master Hugh do when he discovers that Frederick has left town to find work?
He gets afraid and wants all the tools and says that he could probably just run away next time

Why does Frederick decide to work hard despite the dissolution of the agreement?
To remove the idea that he was planning to run away

When and where does Frederick run away?
New York; 3rd day of September 1838

Why does he feel so lonely?
Was among his brothers and children of he same Father but he couldn’t tell any of them because he could get caught and in trouble

Who helps Fred in New York? How?
Mr. David Ruggle (black journalist and abolitionist); Ruggle saw him and his fiance get married, gave them money and board

Why is Frederick and Anna’s marriage so important?
one more thing that marked him a free man

Why does Ruggles suggest that they go to New Bedford, Massachusetts?
He deemed it unsafe for him to remain in NY and said that he would find work in New Bedford

Who helped Frederick and Anna in New Bedford?
Mr. Johnson helped them find a job

Why did Frederick change his name so many times? Who chooses Douglass and why?
To shorten his name because of length and to not have the name Johnson like everyone else; Mr. Nathan Johnson chose it because it was from Lady of the Lake which he was just reading

What had Frederick believed about the North? Was he correct? What does he find out about life in the North?
He thought that since they owned no slaves due to poorness there would be no refinement or wealth; he was wrong, there was wealth and it was very refined

How were the wharves different from those in Bedford?
Everyone knew what they were doing with order and no one was being profane; they were just the sounds of normal work

What conditions did he find for “colored people”?
They were living in better conditions than slaveholders in Maryland

How does Fred make a living when he can’t find work as a caulker?
He works at the docks

How does Douglass become known to the “anti-slavery world”?
He was at a anti-slavery convention in Nantucket in 1841

Why is he reluctant at first to speak out against slavery?
the idea of speaking to white people was slightly intimidating

What year was it written?

What year was he most likely born?

Who were Wendell Phillips and William Lloyd Garrison?

Where was FD born?

Who was his first master?
Captain Anthony

Where does Frederick Douglass get his ideas about human rights and emancipation?
Irish Catholics

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