Fraudulent & Deceptive Marketing Practices ConsumerEc

Bait + Switch
seller advertises a product with a really good price, with the intention of persuading consumers to buy a more expensive product (illegal)
Fake Sales
advertise a sale but items are actually at regular price (legal)
Fraudulent Representation
a person will say they are from a company, but they are actually not and selling you stolen/fake items (illegal)
Health & Medical Product Fraud
deceptive advertising for expensive ‘miracle’ pills and creams that usually don’t work (illegal)
advertising a product at a low price but you also need to buy other things along with it (legal)
Pigeon Drop
convince people to invest in phony investments (legal/illegal)
Pyramid Schemes
sellers are promised a lot of money but need to recruit other people to sell but there is a commission price back to the top person – keeps price high for consumers (legal/illegal)
Referral Sales
promise of a money discount for giving names of friends (legal)
lengthy TV ads – demonstrate products, special deals on the spot, celebrities (legal)

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