Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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The “Bank Holiday’ help d to stabilize the bank system and the “Emergency Banking Act” helped to restore the publics t rust in the banking industry by heading it with the federal government. The nation distrusted the banks The “Bank Holiday” and “Emergency Banking Act” helped to stabilize their fears, control t he panic and give them hope. Relief took immediate action to Stop financial deterioration a ND help the unemployed and suffering. The “Civilian Conservation Corps” provided a source of income for thirty million single men by sending the me to forest camps to dig ditches, plant trees and build reservoirs.

With the problem of UN employment being met head on, the suffering of the country was lessened. Relief in itself was a r life to the country as a whole and a sense of hope for the future; it was the first step to help pull the United States out of the Depression. The New Deal point of Recovery helped the nation to survive and later thrive. The idea of recovery was built to help the economy bounce away from its current Stan DuPont and bounce back to the way it had been before. The Agricultural Adjustment Act taxed boo d processors and gave the money directly to farmers as a payment for not growing food.

The W arks Progress Administration employed more than 8. 5 million people to build bridges, public c buildings, parks and airports. The Agricultural Adjustment Act decreased supply so price would d go up and the Works Progress Administration provided long term government jobs. Many et amphora programs were started in an effort to restart consumer demand. The Home Owners Lola n Corporation gave loans to homeowners so they could pay their mortgages. This helped people not only save their homes from foreclosure but prevented banks from going under. “Recovery’ try Lully helped

America recover from the Depression and put the nation back on the road to economic stability. The New Deal point of Reform helped the nation to survive and later thrive. R form targeted the cause of the Depression and sought to prevent the crisis for futz re America. The Soil Conservation Act sought to “control floods, prevent impairment of reservoirs and maintain the navigability of rivers and harbors, protect public health, public lands and relief unemployment. ” Soil erosion was the main cause of the Dust Bowl, the Soil C inspiration Act created laws mandating proper soil maintenance to ensure that another Dust Bowl was avoided.

The “Reform” plan included a set of permanent programs, laws and agencies t o avoid another depression and protect citizens against future economic disasters. The Federal I Deposit Insurance Corporation was established in 1 933 and the Social Security Administration w as established in 1935. The self described mission of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation n is “an independent agency created by the Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system by: insuring deposits, examining and supervising fin uncial institutions or safety and soundness and consumer protection, and managing receivers pips. The Social Sec ritzy Administration was a permanent agency designed to ensure that the older segment of society always would have enough money to survive. The definition Of refer m is “to improve (someone or something) by removing or correcting faults, problems, etc. “, who chi the plan definitely did for the Depression and the nation. Through his promised, prompt action of the New Deal, he was able to reestablish hope as an American idea. Content: The “New Deal” and Franklin D. Roosevelt campaign. How he won over the nation with his ideas ND promises. 2.

The story of the dust bowl and how the people of the dust bowl survived. 3. Background information on FDA, the United States 32nd president Citation: Creator: PBS Date: Unknown PBS Date: unknown 3. White House Government Date: unknown Context: Unknown Connections: The New Deal was a type Of persuasion used to convince the American people to elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many politicians use promises and persuasion to get elected to offices. The Dust Bowl was a difficult time and caused many families to flee to California looking for jobs and a better life.

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