Frankenstein Nelson Essay

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Ernest V. Nelson are two men with similar goals. Victor Frankincense’s main goal was to create a human being, out of dead body parts, that would live for very long and be free of diseases. He wanted to make a perfect human. Ernest V. Nelson on the other hand, cut cadavers and sold them to medical research companies. The main reason he did this was to raise money for lupus research because his daughter suffered from this disease. Cutting up bodies may seem scary to most, but not to these two men. After graduating from high school In 1975, Ernest V.

Nelson moved to California. He studied one year at a mortuary school In Cypress and became an autopsy technician at Good Samaritan Hospital and some other hospitals. For SIX years, he showed up at the same walk In refrigerator with a gray case filled with gloves, specimen bags, and a power saw. Nelson worked at UCLA In the willed-body program and cut cadavers for a living. He was charged with possessing stolen property, which were body parts. He was allegedly selling cut body parts to universities and private companies, which used them for medical research, for his own profit.

But, according o his lawyer, he was a working family man who had worked to raise money for lupus because his daughter suffers from the disease. Studying in Nightstand, Victor discovers the secret of life and creates an intelligent but disgusting monster, which he becomes horrified of. Victor keeps his creation of the monster a secret, feeling guilty and ashamed as he realizes how helpless he is to prevent the monster from ruining his life and the lives of others. Victor spends two years cutting up body parts and sewing them back together in his quest to create a perfect, disease free human.

While building this creature, Victor becomes so dedicated to his work he neglects his friends and family, and spends all of his time in his apartment. Nelson and Victor both did something they liked, cutting up bodies. Nelson was doing it for a living, and Victor was only doing it for a scientific experiment. Both of them spent countless hours doing so. Nelson was still a working family man. On the other hand, when Victor started his experiment, he secluded himself from his friends, family, pretty much everyone. Nelson was selling his cadavers to universities and deiced research companies to help find a cure for lupus.

Victor was trying to create a disease-free human being from scratch. These men have some similarities, but I don’t think they were very alike. Victor Frankincense’s love for science led him to cutting up bodies, and loving doing so. He Just wasn’t too happy about the outcome, because there was nothing he could do to stop his creation from hurting himself or anyone else. Ernest Nelson, also loved cutting up bodies, he did It for a living. He did what no one else wanted to do. I think that they are weird and crazy for doing this, but that’s Just my opinion.

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