“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley Essay

No affair how much two persons are likewise. there are ever traits that separate one from the other. In Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein” . Victor Frankenstein and Robert Walton are both searchers of cognition who are determined to win. However. while Walton is able to put on the line everything. Frankenstein shortly realizes his mistakes in his manic compulsion with find.

The novel begins with Robert Walton’s caring letters to his sister Margaret. Walton commands farewell to his “dear. first-class Margaret ( 9 ) ” . and thanks her for her “love and kindness ( 9 ) ” . His words expose his love and fondness for Margaret. Robert Walton. while apparently unfeeling on his hunt for find. is stamp to his darling sister. In the same mode. Victor Frankenstein seaports love for Elizabeth Lavenza. Frankenstein creates a hideous violent death animal. yet still has the bosom to be fond to cousin. Even before Frankenstein looks at Elizabeth as his partner. she was a sister to him. the same manner Margaret is a sisterlike character to Walton.

Loneliness is another facet that Frankenstein and Walton have in common. Although loved 1s foremost surround Frankenstein. the Creature shortly takes out his choler of life and of Victor by killing all those close to him. After those unfortunate happenings. Frankenstein is left lonely. with merely one end. to seek retaliation on the Creature. Walton’s solitariness is clearly described in his first letters to Margaret.

Possibly the most obvious similarity linking Robert Walton and Victor Frankenstein is their pursuit for cognition. or “the state of ageless life” as Walton described in a missive to his sister. Robert Walton’s parlous journey to the Arctic is really much like Frankenstein’s hunt for the secret of life. Walton explores unknown district in the North. Likewise. Frankenstein delves into undiscovered district on a theoretical footing.

In the field of scientific discipline. Frankenstein is really determined to accomplish his end. He describes his summer. as a clip when he was “engaged. bosom and psyche. in one chase ( 34 ) ” . However. every bit shortly as his creative activity. the Animal. opens his eyes. Victor Frankenstein realizes his errors in traveling against nature. therefore ending his quest to revive life. Robert Walton. on the other manus. is still relentless on his expedition. He faces many obstructions like the numbing cold and copiousness of ice. but Walton has non yet faced anything like the flooring creative activity of the Creature. that would halt him from his undertaking. He continues

Another feature that separates Frankenstein and Walton is their ability to achieve friends. Frankenstein is invariably surrounded by his loved 1s. if non his male parent or Elizabeth. so it is his best friend Henry Clerval. Unlike Frankenstein. Robert Walton seems unable to do friends. In his 2nd missive to his sister. he writes that he urgently “feels” the privation of a friend ( 10 ) ” . Victor Frankenstein. on the other manus. even finds a friend in M. Waldman. his professor. He is blessed with comrades. though he shortly loses them by the manus of the Creature. Meanwhile. Walton. holding no friends finds one in Frankenstein.

Victor Frankenstein and Robert Walton. both looking to accomplish one end. have many traits in common. Yet. no two people can be precisely likewise. therefore they besides have countries in which the other deficiencies in. They both have love. and seek the truth. At the same clip. Walton and Frankenstein have really different personalities. shown in their ability to do friends. and both go through different lengths to derive cognition. In the terminal. they both learn that cognition is non everything. and sometimes turning back is non so atrocious.

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