Framarin – 1.2-1.3

anything that has mass and volume
smallest unit of an element that keeps the properties of the element
pure substance made of only one type of atom
substance made of 2 or more types of atoms that are chemically bonded
type of compound in which bonds are covalent bonds
properties that depend on the amount of matter
examples of extensive properties
volume; mass; amount of energy
properties that do NOT depend on the amount of matter
examples of intensive properties
boiling point; conductivity; melting point; density
physical properties
characteristics that can be observed through the senses or measured without changing the identity of a substance
chemical properties
has to do with a substance’s ability to undergo changes that transform it to a different substance
physical change
change that doesn’t affect the identity of the substance (includes all phase changes)
solid (characteristics)
definite shape
definite volume
atoms vibrate in place
strong attractive force between atoms
– definite volume
– indefinite shape
– atoms can overcome attractive forces to flow
– atoms are close together
– indefinite shape
– indefinite volume
– weak attractive forces
– atoms are far apart
formula for density
formula for volume
formula for mass
density x volume
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