Foundations of Marketing Chapter 9

digital media
electronic media that function using digital codes
digital marketing
uses digital media to develop communications and exchanges with customers
electronic media (e-marketing)
refers to the strategic process of distributing, promoting, pricing products, and discovering the desires of customers using digital media and digital marketing
What are the characteristics of E-marketing?
1. Addressability
2. Interactivity
3. Accessibility
4. Connectivity
5. Control
ability of marketer to id customers before they make a purchase
allows customers to express their needs and wants directly to the firm in response to marketing communications
the ability to obtain digital info on competing products,prices, reviews, and details on firms
the use of digital networks to provide linkages between information providers and users
consumers’ ability to regulate the information they view and the rate and sequence of their exposure
trends in digital marketing?
-consumers increasingly tend to publish their thoughts, opinions, etc on blogs or digital media
-consumers trust other consumers over corps
web-based journals through which authors can editorialize and interact with other internet users
type of software that creates an interface that enables users to add or edit the content of some types of websites
photo sharing
sites allow users to upload, edit, and share photos
video sharing
lets users upload videos to internet
audio or video files that can be downloaded from internet via a program that delivers content to listening devices or personal computers
virtual realities
computer-based, online, simulated environments where users create 3d worlds with their own economies, lands, and rez
create their own media outlets
comment on blogs or post rating and reviews
collect and organize content generated by creators and critics
anyone who becomes a user of a social networking site or other online communities to connect and network
read online info but do not produce any themselves
dont participate in online digital media, numbers are dwindling
outsourcing marketing tasks to a large group of people
intellectual property
these can be ideas and creative materials, songs, movies, books, etc

generally protected by copyrights and patents

protection is a growing problem in a digital age

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