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Sometimes it Is the way the material has been taught, or instilled In our minds. In high school my foundation of mathematics was formed through Algebra 1 my freshman year, Geometry my sophomore year, and Pre- Calculus my senior year, all which had an immense impact in my mathematic skills. During Algebra 1, I endured a basis of higher learning mathematics that bequeathed lessons such as: properties of real numbers, graphing and solving linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, polynomials, factoring, and radicals.

These nits matured my foundation of knowledge in the field. Nevertheless, the style these were coached Is what coerced the information to remain with me all these years. Mrs.. Blackwell, my Algebra 1 teacher, would lecture during class over a specific section then endow her students with a multitude of homework. Though I did not agree with the amount of homework, the constant repetition night after night aided me in succeeding In the class, as well as later courses. Sophomore year In high school required Geometry. Which explored relationships teen shapes to better develop higher learning thinking skills. This course Improved basic mathematic and problem solving skills, while having real world applications. During this year, I acquired

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skills such as: lines and angles, two and three dimensional shapes, spatial reasoning, and transformations. The instructor incorporated many hands on learning opportunities with her personal touch of humor, which intrigued me. This style of teaching contributes to how I learn best. Pre-Calculus was a different story entirely.

While Pre-Calculus is intended to provide he needed mathematical foundation to enter into Calculus, I did not obtain much from this course. However, managed to gather primal knowledge on the following: equations and Inequalities, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometric functions, identities, and equations. The method of Instruction was extremely cut and dry, Incompatible. And thus the material 1 OFF in mathematics. Difficulties in mathematics does not spur from a poor background of the subject, the material has simply become decrepit over the years.

Major issues presented themselves when factoring polynomials was required. While I am mentally able to do this task, it takes a considerable amount of time and is an area I continue to struggle with from time to time. Other than the previous lacking skill, fractions are the only other issue I run into. Fractions, all together, present me with quite a headache. A requirement for my pursuit off medical degree is Statistics. This class will require knowledge I have gained from College Algebra and other courses that have preceded it.

As I pursue a medical degree I am required to acquire a robust mathematic knowledge base. To advance into the medical profession each student must complete and succeed in a number of courses and each of my professors have assisted in making this a reality. Pediatric Oncology requires quite precise measurement when determining proper dosage for chemotherapy, viewing equations that describe how fast tumors grow, or how quickly cancer cells develop resistance toward treatments. I look forward to continuing my education with you and my peers.

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