Foreign Banking in the US

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Foreign banking pertains to that segment of domestic bank loans which are floated to foreigners for their use and investment abroad. In the United States the banking laws and regulations, which are provided in the federal banking laws have been accumulated in the “CCH Federal Banking Law Reporter”. Another Law of Financial Services by the Fed provides banking statutes for each and every state of the USA.

Whereas statutes relating illegal side involving banking crimes are covered in volume-2 of John K. Villa’s ‘Banking Crimes: Fraud, Money Laundering, and Embezzlement.The US Banking System has been provided by the Federal Reserve Board quite explicitly and covering minute details to the extent of providing information about the individuals who have been removed from the government banks on account of their misconduct and inappropriate demeanor.Reports on the current plight of the US banking industry are regularly posted by the FDIC, so also books on the banks’ financial status are published by the Federal Reserve from time to time.

There is also a bank-related public-document retrieval provision by the Thomson Research Services, previously known as the FDR.

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