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1. Tupperware lone uses both qualitative and quantitative prediction techniques. climaxing in a concluding prognosis that is the consensus of all take parting directors. False ( Global company profile: Tupperware Corporation. centrist )

2. The prediction clip skyline and the prediction techniques used tend to change over the life rhythm of a merchandise. True ( What is calculating? centrist )

3. Gross saless prognosiss are an input to fiscal planning. while demand prognosiss impact human resource determinations. True ( Types of prognosiss. centrist )

4. Prognosiss of single merchandises tend to be more accurate than prognosiss of merchandise households. False ( Seven stairss in the prediction system. centrist )

5. Most calculating techniques assume that there is some implicit in stableness in the system. True ( Seven stairss in the prediction system. centrist )

6. The gross revenues force composite prediction method relies on salespersons’ estimations of expected gross revenues. True ( Forecasting attacks. easy )

7. A time-series theoretical account uses a series of past informations points to do the prognosis. True ( Forecasting attacks. centrist )

8. The quarterly “make meeting” of Lexus traders is an illustration of a gross revenues force composite prognosis. True ( Forecasting attacks. easy )

9. Cycles and random fluctuations are both constituents of clip series. True ( Time-series prediction. easy )

10. A naif prognosis for September gross revenues of a merchandise would be equal to the gross revenues in August. True ( Time-series prediction. easy )

11. One advantage of exponential smoothing is the limited sum of record maintaining involved. True ( Time-series prediction. centrist )

12. The larger the figure of periods in the simple moving mean prediction method. the gr


eater the method’s reactivity to alterations in demand. False ( Time-series prediction. centrist )

13. Forecast including tendency is an exponential smoothing technique that utilizes two smoothing invariables: one for the mean degree of the prognosis and one for its tendency. True ( Time-series prediction. easy )

14. Mean Squared Error and Coefficient of Correlation are two steps of the overall mistake of a prediction theoretical account. False ( Time-series prediction. easy )

15. In tendency projection. the tendency constituent is the incline of the arrested development equation. True ( Time-series prediction. easy )

16. In tendency projection. a negative arrested development incline is mathematically impossible. False ( Time-series prediction. centrist )

17. Seasonal indexes adjust natural informations for forms that repeat at regular clip intervals. True ( Time-series prediction. centrist )

18. If a quarterly seasonal index has been calculated at 1. 55 for the October-December one-fourth. so natural informations for that one-fourth must be multiplied by 1. 55 so that the one-fourth can be reasonably compared to other quarters. False ( Time-series prediction: Seasonal fluctuation in informations. centrist )

19. The best manner to calculate a concern rhythm is by happening a taking variable. True ( Time-series prediction. centrist )

20. Linear-regression analysis is a straight-line mathematical theoretical account to depict the functional relationships between independent and dependent variables. True ( Associative prediction methods: Arrested development and correlativity
analysis. easy )

21. The larger the standard mistake of the estimation. the more accurate the prediction theoretical account. False ( Associative prediction methods: Arrested development and correlativity analysis. eas

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22. A tendency projection equation with a incline of 0. 78 agencies that there is a 0. 78 unit rise in Y for every unit of clip that passes. True ( Time-series prediction: Trend projections. centrist )

23. In a arrested development equation where Y is demand and X is publicizing. a coefficient of finding ( R2 ) of. 70 agencies that 70 % of the discrepancy in advertisement is explained by demand. False ( Associative prediction methods: Arrested development and correlativity analysis. centrist )

24. Tracking bounds should be within ± 8 MADs for low-volume stock points. True ( Monitoring and commanding prognosiss. centrist )

25. If a prognosis is systematically greater than ( or less than ) existent values. the prognosis is said to be biased. True ( Monitoring and commanding prognosiss. centrist )

26. Focus calculating attempts a assortment of computing machine theoretical accounts and selects the best 1 for a peculiar application. True ( Monitoring and commanding prognosiss. centrist )

27. Many service houses use point-of-sale computing machines to roll up elaborate records needed for accurate short-run prognosiss. True ( Forecasting in the service sector. moderate )

28. Tupperware’s usage of prediction
a. involves merely a few statistical tools
b. dressed ores on the low-level trader. and is non aggregated at the company degree
c. relies on the fact that all of its merchandises are in the adulthood stage of the life rhythm
d. is a major beginning of its competitory border over its challengers
e. takes inputs from gross revenues. selling. and finance. but non from production
vitamin D ( Global company profile. centrist )

29. Which of the undermentioned statements sing Tupperware’s prediction is false?
a. Tupperware’s 50 net income centres generate the basic set of projections.
b. Tupperware uses at least three quantitative calculating techniques.
c. Tupperware uses merely quantitative prediction techniques.
d. ”Sales per active dealer” is one of three cardinal calculating variables ( factors ) .
e. ”Jury of executive opinion” is the ultimate prediction tool used at Tupperware.
degree Celsius ( Global company profile. centrist )

30. Prognosiss
a. go more accurate with longer clip skylines
b. are seldom perfect
c. are more accurate for single points than for groups of points
d. all of the above
e. none of the above
B ( What is calculating? centrist )

31. One usage of short-range prognosiss is to find
a. production planning
b. stock list budgets
c. research and development programs
d. installation location
e. occupation assignments
vitamin E ( What is calculating? centrist )

32. Prognosiss are normally classified by clip skyline into three classs
a. short-range. medium-range. and long-range
b. finance/accounting. selling. and operations
c. strategic. tactical. and operational
d. exponential smoothing. arrested development. and clip series
e. departmental. organisational. and industrial
a ( What is calculating? easy )

33. A prognosis with a clip skyline of about 3 months to 3 old ages is typically called a
a. long-range prognosis
b. medium-range prognosis
c. short-range prognosis
d. conditions prognosis
e. strategic prognosis
B ( What is calculating? centrist )
34. Prognosiss used for new merchandise planning. capital outgos. installation location or enlargement. and R & A ;

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