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What are the four things that affect reaction rates?
-physical state of reactants
-concentrations of the reactants
-the temperature at which it occurs
-the presence of a catalyst
T or F When chemical equilibrium is achieved, chemical reactions cease
T or F- when chemical equilibrium is achieved, the rates of the forward and reverse chemical reactions are always constant
T or F When chemical equilibrium is achieved, concentrations of reactants and products are constant.
T or F When chemical equilibrium is achieved, the ratio of products over reactants is always 1
What are three ions with amphoteric properties in solution
Zn, Al, Sn
What does amphoteric mean
What are the three laws of thermodynamics?
What is a fuel cell?
What characteristics cannot be explained by the electron sea model
What are 4 properties of metals that were discussed in class
-conduct heat/electricity
What factors determine whether a collision between two molecules will lead to a chemical reaction?
the energy and orientation
K<<1 then it is ...
K>>1 then it is…
product favored
reactant favored
What is a bronstead lowry acid?
What is a bronstead lowry base?
-is a substance that donates a proton to another substance
-is a substance that accepts a proton from another substance
What is a Lewis acid?
What is a Lewis base?
-its an electron pair acceptor
-its an electron pair donor
To percipitate AgCl, Hg2Cl2, or PbCl2 do what?
add HCL
to percipitate Cu, Bi, Cd, PbS etc add what
What are the three laws of entropy?
1. energy is conserved
2. In a reversible process the entropy is 0, in an irreversible process the entropy of the universe is always increasing
3. entropy of a pure crystaline solid at 0 degrees k is zero
For a process to be spontaneous at all temperatures what must happen
the Entropy (S) must be positive, the change in heat negative, the temp times change in entropy must be negative, and gibbs free energy must be negative
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