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commited time
maintenance time
discretionary time
time used as you please
first rule of time management
set goals
urgent priorities
pressing, deadline-driven projects or activities; dropping a class, paying fees, turning in papers
importand priorities
essential activities that support your long-term goals and create the result you want
ongoing activities
require continual attention and may be urgent, but they may not be important
trivial activities
make up all the daily stuff of life and many are time wasters
time-management strategies
keep a calender, create a daily to-do list, do the tough things first, break projects down into smaller tasks, consolidate similar tasks, study at your high energy time, study anywhere and everywhere
convergent thinkers
good at looking at several unrelated items and bringing order to them
divergent thinkers
branch out from one idea to many
deliberately putting off tasks
avoiding procrastination
set daily priorities, surround yourself with supportive people

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