Foodservice Management Principles and Practices Chpt 2

Scope of service refers to
The number and types of business units offered though individual foodservice.
The classical approach to management says…
That if all the workers perform efficiently, the organization’s goals can be reached.
The human relations movement found that…
Social and psychological factors were important measures of employee satisfaction.
The Systems Theory
The systems theory emerged in the 60’s and 70’s and put emphasis on the organizations relationship with its environment.
What is a system?
It is a set of interdependent parts that work together to achieve a common goal.
What is a Subsystem?
A subsystem is the interdependent parts of a system, the parts of a system.
What is the systems theory?
Viewing the systems as a whole made up of interdependent parts.
What are inputs?
Resources such as money, material, time, information required by a system.
What does operations mean?
The work performed to transform inputs into outputs.
What does transformation mean?
The process required to change inputs into outputs such as feedback or a recipe.
What are outputs?
The finished product or services of an organization.
What is feedback?
Information on how operations worked or failed, or how they should be changed or modified to achieve equilibrium.
What is Equifinality?
The same outputs can be achieved from different inputs or transformational process.
What are controls?
The self imposed plans and legal documents that affect an organizations function.
What is management?
The integration and coordination of resources to achieve the desired objectives of the organization.
What is Memory?
Records of past performance that assist in improving future effectiveness.
What is an open system?
A system that interacts with external forces in the environment.
What are linking processes?
Methods used to unify a system.
What is entropy?
The amount of disorder, uncertainty or randomness in a system.
What is the hierarchy of needs?
Characteristics of organizational structure ranging from subsystems to systems to suprasystems.
What is a suprasystem?
Larger entities, each made up of a number of systems.
What is interdependency?
The parts of a system interact and are dependent on one another.
What is wholism?
The whole of the organization is more than the sum of its parts.
What is synergy?
The working together of parts of a system such that the outcomes are greater than individual efforts would achieve.
What are the benefits of systems thinking?
*More effective problem solving
*More effective communication
*More effective planning
*More effective organizational development
What is a conventional food system?
Raw foods are purchased, prepared on site, and served soon after preparation.
What are the advantages of a conventional food system?
Quality control, menu flexibility, less freezer storage required.
What are some disadvantages to a conventional food system?
Stressful workday
Difficulty in scheduling workers
What is a ready prepared food system?
(cook/chill or cook/freeze) – foods are prepared on-site, then chilled or frozen and stored for reheating at a later time.
What are the advantages of a ready prepared food system?
Reduction of “peaks and valleys” of workloads,
reduction in labor cost and improved quality and quantity control.
What are the disadvantages to ready prepared food systems?
Need for large cold storage and freezer units
Need for costly rethermalization equipment in some cases
Why would a manager use the ready prepared food system?
Reduced labor expenses, decreased need for skilled labor
and volume food procurement may decrease food costs.
What is a commissary food system?
a central production kitchen or food factory with centralized food purchasing and delivery to off-site facilities for final preparations.
What are the advantages of a commissary food system?
Large volume food purchasing reduces costs and effective and consistent quality control.
What are the disadvantages of a commissary food system?
Many critical points where contamination of food can occur, specialized equipment and trucks are needed for food safety and high cost of equipment and equipment maintenance.
Why would a foodservice manager use the commissary food system?
It accommodates remote service areas
What is an assembly/serve food system?
Fully prepared foods are purchased, stored, assembled, heated, and served.
What are the advantages of the assembly/serve system?
Labor savings, lower procurement costs and minimal equipment and space requirements.
What are the disadvantages of the assembly/serve system?
Limited availability of desired menu items, high cost of prepared foods, additional freezer space requirements and concern over recycling or disposing of packaging materials.
Why would a foodservice manager use the assembly/serve food system?
If the manager has a lack of skilled labor and an available supply of highly processed foods.
What continues to shape the foodservice industry?
Socioeconomic changes, demographic shifts, and the varying food habits and desires of the American people.
What is dynamic equilibrium?
Reacting to changes and forces, both internal and external, in ways that often create a new state of equilibrium and balance.
What is system philosophy or thinking?
A way of thinking about phenomena in terms of the whole, the parts, and their interrelationship.
What is systems analysis?
A method of problem solving or decision making.
What is a mission statement?
A summary of an organizations purpose,customers, products and services.
What are objectives?
Specific and measurable goals or targets of an organization.
Should a business create a mission statement or their objectives first?
A mission statement should be created first.
What are the three major groups of foodservice establishments?
Commercial, Noncommercial and Military
Give one example of a commercial foodservice establishment.
Restaurant, supermarket, deli, convenience store
Give one example if a noncommercial foodservice establishment.
Business, educational, governmental or institutional organization.
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