Foodborne Infection

Foodborne Infection
Occurs when an individual consumes a food source that is infected by the living pathogen. The microorganism enters the digestive system and grows in the person’s intestines.
1. Salmonella
2. Listeria
3. Campylobacter
4. Vibrio
5. Yersinia
What are the 5 foodborne infections?
1. Over 2000 diff. species
2. Found in poultry/eggs
3. 2-4 million cases per year, falling
Describe Salmonella.
Undercooked eggs; found inside the egg
Salmonella Enteridits is caused by what?
1. More serious than most foodborne species
2. Typhoid Mary (asymptomatic)
Describe Salmonella Typhi:
1. Psychrotroph
2. Pregnant ladies, cross placenta
3. Deli foods
Describe Listeria:
1. Found in poultry
2. #1 bacteria that causes the most cases
Describe Campylobacter:
1. Vibrio cholerae – causes lotsa diarrhea
2. Vibrio Vulnificus – wound infections, oysters
Describe Vibrio:
1. Mimics appendix
2. Comes from pork products
3. Psychrotroph
Describe Yersinia:
Listeria & Yersinia
What 2 infections are psychrotrophs?
What bacterium causes the MOST CASES OF SERIOUS foodborne illness?
What bacterium causes THE MOST CASES of foodborne illness?
Salmonella & Camplyobacter
What pathogens are associated with poultry?
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