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John Belle Introduction to Environmental Health Needless to say after watching this documentary I feel the need to design my own garden and chicken pen this spring. I am not an expert in mass food production but after watching Food Inc. I am incredibly concerned for the well being of American’s in the next twenty years. Food Inc. Does not throw vegetarianism down your throat or chastise carnivores for eating meat, it puts a spotlight on the food we eat in regards o where it comes from and what it goes through prior to being served for dinner.

Four leading companies control ninety percent of the meat market, they are hiding from the camera In this movie. When the documentary followed poultry farmers with chickens It showed closed dark sheds where the chickens breasts were so big they can not walk, but that’s fine because they are not allowed to anyway with how many are kept in the same pen. The chickens are kept on antibiotics until slaughtered to keep them living in such conditions.

Cows are kept ankle deep in their own manure prior to being processed and they are not formally cleaned from their feces thus entering the ground beef. Meat plants are washing the beef in ammonia and chlorine before packaging to ensure it is sanitary. At the meat packing companies the beef is all ground together from multiple slaughter houses so if one cow was infected with some kind of disease their meat is ground together with all the rest. Cows are being corn fed and that creates a breading ground for e. Al In their systems, which could be easily fixed with allowing them to eat grass to kill the bacteria. There are other independent farmers part of the 10% that have smaller farms with old fashion means of slaughtering that are much healthier for us. I do not know if it would be possible to feed our entire country by those means but I personally think this information about what we are eating should be more evident to everyone so people could make better choices for themselves.

There was other topics in this commentary that disgusted me in regards to how nourishing this country has become merely a corporate business that the USDA does not even have power over for legal reasons. In a nation that is so rich compared to other countries one would think that the quality of life would be more Important. Growing up In a polish American family I always knew my parents did things differently then other families. One of them being rarely going to normal parents had a better understanding of where to buy natural healthy food and I’m blessed to have been so well nourished my whole life.

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