Food crisis

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Food crawls have been an Issue among developing countries for years but as the time goes on it’s getting more serious. With the raising of the prices for food even in the past year along has affected many people even in US. Many people are starving or dying from starvation because they just can’t afford to buy food for themselves and their families. Hint that this is the issue that everyone should be aware off and try to help out as much as they can because if we run out of the resources to produce food It will Impact even more people. The article “what’s causing rolling prices” talks about how a lot of the developing countries around the world have many people that can’t afford to buy food because of the rising prices that keep going up and a lot of them have only $1 or $2 dollars for food per day which doesn’t get them anything.

Many people will try to find alternative ways to make food so they won’t die from starvation such as making soups from tree branches Just so they have something to eat, this Is not Ideal diet but It’s better than going hungry. Also because our population Is getting bigger the demand for food Is getting higher every year there are less resources and land to be able to feed everyone around the world and it’s becoming a serious issues to a point where there might be another food riot just like the one during great depression.

There has been many different programs that try to help out by delivering food to the people that don’t have any and can’t get any food but it’s still not enough because every day there are more people that are in need for food. Now It’s even hard for farmers to be able to keep their farms because the prices for fossil fuels are going up which means Its more money that they spending on growing crops and they don’t end up making any profit. Now a big issue that we have to face is ethanol fuel program worsening the world food crisis and some say yes and others say no.

If this issue isn’t solved soon we will have no choice but to start creating more and more genetically modified foods which will have serious effects on everyone’s health if they keep consuming It especially in the large amounts. Food crisis Is an a problem for so many different countries but now It’s starting to hit US and as the hunger keeps getting bigger and spreading all over because of the rolling food prices a lot of people are getting scared because they aren’t able to get the food security.

They rely on the government to help them but as we see there isn’t help and there are a lot failing states in the world and the number keeps getting larger. In the past it was a lot easier to get food because the demand for it wasn’t as high but as he population gets bigger the demand gets higher but there Isn’t enough natural resources to keep producing all of this food to be able to feed everyone so a lot of people end up starving for food.

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