Florida Geography Facts

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The largest lake in the state of Florida Lake Okeechobee
The body of water to the south of the Florida peninsula. It separates Florida from Cuba. Straits of Florida
The dominant land feature in southern Florida. Also called the “River of Grass" Everglades
This river flows through the middle of the state and empties into Lake Okeechobee Kissimmee River
One of only two rivers in the US that flows north St. John’s River
The body of water adjacent to the city of Miami Biscayne Bay
The state immediately north of Florida Georgia
The state that borders Florida to the northwest Alabama
A body of land with water on three sides peninsula
The most common rock in Florida, it underlies most of the state. limestone
The mythical spring sought by early European explorers. Said to grant long life to anyone who drank from it. Fountain of Youth
The first European explorer to visit Florida. He gave the state its name. Juan Ponce de Leon
The meaning of “La Florida” in Spanish flowered land
The year that Europeans visited Florida for the first time 1513
The body of water to the west of the Florida peninsula Gulf of Mexico
The body of water to the east of the Florida peninsula Atlantic Ocean
Capital of Florida Tallahassee
The location of the Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral
The year Florida was designated as one of the states in the United States 1845
The year the first permanent European settlement was established in Florida 1565
First university in Florida Stetson University
The largest segment of the state’s economy tourism
Florida state bird mockingbird
Florida state mammal Florida panther
Florida state marine mammal manatee
Florida state tree Palmetto palm
Florida's Saltwater marine mammal Bottlenose doplhin
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