Flashcards for Chapter 9 in Chemistry

What is a chemical reaction?
the process by which the atoms of one or more substances are rearranged to form different substances
What is a chemical property?
the ability of a substance to undergo a specific chemical change
What is a Precipitate?
solid substance formed from a solution
What is a reactant?
a substance that exists before change
What is a product?
substance that is a product of the chemical reaction
What is a skeleton equation?
an equation that uses chemical symbols rather than words to identify the reactants and products
What is a chemical equation?
a statement tha uses chemical formulas to show the identities and relative amounts of the substances involved in a chemical reaction
What is the Law of conservation of mass?
Mass is neither created nor destroyed in chemical reactions
What is a combustion reaction?
exothermic reaction when a substance combines with oxygen
What is a synthesis reaction?
a reaction where the reactants are all elements and the products form compounds
What is the equation for a synthesis reaction?
A+B(arrow/yields) AB
What is a decomposition reaction?
a compound that breaks down to form 2 or more elements or simpler substances
What is a single-replacement reaction?
a reaction where one element takes place of another element that is part of a compound
What is the equation of a single replacement reaction?
Please note the = is taking the place of the arrow, but you need to put the arrow
What is a Double Replacement Reaction?
a reaction in which 2 compounds react to form 2 different compounds
What is the equation for a double replacement reaction?
the = is replacing the arrow but use the arrow
What is an aqueous solution?
a solution that contains one or more substances that is dissolved in water
What is a solute?
a substance that is dissolved in a solution
What is a solvent?
a substance that does the dissolving
What does it mean to dissociate an ionic compound?
an ionic solid will be broken up by a solvent
What is a complete ionic equation?
an ionic equation tha shows all of the particles in a solution as they exist
What is a net ionic equation?
an ionic equation that only includes the particles that participate in the reaction
What are spectator ions?
ions that do not participate in the reaction
What is an overall equation?
where 2 reactions can combine and be represented by one chemical equation
What will a combustion reaction with Hydrocarbon always produce?
carbon dioxide and water
What does dissociation result in?
a precipitate, water, or gas being formed
What does the symbol + mean?
separates two or more reactants or products
What does the symbol  [image] mean?
separates reactants from the products

What does the symbol




separates reactants from products and indicates a reversible reaction
What does (s) mean?
indentifies a solid state
What does (l) mean?
indentifies a liquid state
what does (g) mean?
idnetifies a gaseous state
What does (aq) mean?
identifes a water solution
What does (sorry no pic) it mean when there is a triangle above an arrow?
it means that heat was added
What are some things that indicate a chemical reaction?
1.temperature change, 2.absorbtion of heat, 3. color change, 4.odor, 5. gas bubbles, 6.formation of a solid, 7. light was given off, 8.sound was given off
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