Flashcards for Chapter 16 in Chemistry

Activated complex
short lived unstable arrangement of atoms that can break apart and re-form the reactants or can form products; also sometimes referred to as the transition state
What is activation energy?
the minimum amount of energy required in order to form the activated coplex and lead to a reaction
What is the collision theory?
atoms, ions, and molecules must collide in order to react
What is the reaction rate?
the change in concentration of a reactant or product per unit of timee
What is a catalyst?
something that speeds up the reaction rate but isn’t used up in the reaction
What is a heterogeneous catalyst?
catalyst that exists in a different physical state than the reaction
What is a homogeneous catalyst?
catalyst that exists in the same physical state as the reaction
What is an inhibitor?
something that slows down or stops the reaction
What is the Method of Initial Rates?
determines reaction order by comparing the initial rates of a reaction carried out with varying reactant concentrations
What is a Rate law?
expresses the relationship between the rate of a chemical reaction and the concentration of the reactants
What is the reaction order?
defines how the rate is affected by the concentration of the reactant
What is the Specific Rate Constant?
a numerical value that relates the reaction rate and the concentrations of reactants at a given temperature
What is the complex reaction?
a reaction that has 2 or more elementary reactions that make it up
What is an instantaneous rate?
rate of change in concentration as it relates to one specific point in time on the graph
What is the intermediate?
substance that is produced in one elementary step and consumed in a subsequent elementary step
What is the rate determining step?
slowest elementary step in a coplex reaction
What is the reaction mechanism?
complete sequence of elementary steps that mek up a complex reaction
What are the units for a reaction rate?
moles/Liters x second
What is the unit for a constant?
What isthe unit for a concentration?
moles/Liters or M
What order is the concentration in if the initial rate doubles?
the first order
What thing on the graph does instantaneous rate equal?
the slope
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