Flashcards for Chapter 1 in Chemistry

the study of matter and the changes it undergoes
matter that has a definite and uniform composition
a measurement that reflects the amount of matter in an object
the effect of Earth’s gravitational pull on matter
a visual, verbal, or mathematical explanation of experimental data
Numerical information
quantitative data
information describing a physical characteristic
qualitative data
a judgment based on the information obtained
a standard for comparison especially in an experiment
a variable that changes in response to a change in another variable
dependent variable
a set of controlled observations that test the hypothesis
a tentative explanation for what has been observed-an educated guess at the solution of a problem
the variable that you plan to change-one that doesnt change because of another variable
independent variable
a relationship in nature that is supported by many experiments
scientific law
a systematic approach used in scientific study
scientific method
an explanation of a natural phenomenon based on many observations and investigations over time
research to gain knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself
Pure science(research)
research undertaken to solve a specific problem
applied science(research)
List the 7 steps of the Scientific method.
1.make observations, 2.Develop hypothesis from observations, 3. Test hypothesis in a controlled experiment, 4.Analyze data, 5. Accept or reject hypothesis, 6.Make a conclusion, 7.Verify the conclusion by repeating experiment
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