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compounds (peralta)
a chemical combination of two or more different elements in a a fixed ratio.
ionic bond (peralta)
bound formed by transferring electrons from a metal to a non-metal.
chemical bond (peralta)
the force holds two atoms together.
Covalent bonding (peralta)
formed between two non-metals and they share electrons.
oxidation number (peralta)
the positive or negative charge of an ion.
electron affinity (peralta)
how much attraction an atom has for electrons
nonpolar covalent bonds
electrons are equally share and there is no charge (symetrical)
polar covalent bond
electrons are unequally share the molecule has an area of positive charge and area of negative charge (not symetrical)
octet rule (peralta)
an outer shell of eight valence electrons is most disarable/stable
group 18
(noble gasses) rarely from compounds
ionization energy (peralta)
how easily an atom losses an electron
single bond (peralta)
shares one pair with electrons
double bond (peralta)
shares two pairs with electrons
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