Fireproof: Marriage and God

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Fireproof Reaction Paper “Fireproof doesn’t mean that you’ll not face any fire, rather, it is being strong and courageous to face the fire thatliesahead”. In every family, it is near to impossible that there would never be any conflict between each other”especially with the parents. There would always come a time that misunderstandings will arise, but what is vital in the end is that they will choose to stay together”through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer.

In the story, there was an apparent problem between the two of them, something hat is very essential in a relationship”communication. They have not considered taking time listening to each other’s problem so as to solve it. Instead, they have continued quarreling and yelling whenever they see each other. Above all else, they were also lacking communication with the most important person that could solve their biggest problem”God. Changing a person is a long process. However, it will only take 40 days or less if it is done by God’s mighty love and power.

The key for every changing heart is God and God alone. Indeed, God has been revealed in the movie in His very kind

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and caring nature. He has been so good to the husband that He has used his father to influence him and change him in the long run. Fireproof is another illustration of how important God’s presence in our lives especially with our relationships. It is very tough to save a relationship without His help and as far as I know, marriage is the most crucial of all. A man and a woman become one when they tied the knot but when they will be separated, both of them will be broken.

For a Christian couple, divorce has never been the solution for their problem. The movie has provided a good example of how to save the marriagethough for some cases, you might even think that it is better not to do so. The movie has illustrated a not so severe marriage problem since the couple is not having children. It would be tougher if they have children and they are fighting in the front of them. The impact of it for their children would be very intense. lt is very sad to know some of my friends to be products of broken homes.

I can see that they are eally struggling and at the same time Jealous about others having whole family. I pity them for their parents have not chosen to save the relationship even Just for their own sake. In the end, I’m happy to learn the lessons that the movie has taught me. It made me realize one thing”that I’m so lucky to have my parents, for after 20 long years of being married, they have not chosen to leave each other though many problems have been coming. I know well enough that God is also leading our family to be one of those whom He called “Fireproof”.

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