Findlay Chemistry- Ch 10 Gas Laws

Boyle’s Law
Volume of a given mass of gas varies inversely with pressure at constant temperature
Charles Law
Volume of a given gas varies directly at the Kelvin temperature wit the gas pressure remaining constant
The Combined Gas Law
Used to calculate simultaneous changes in temperature, pressure, and volume of a constant gas
P1V1T2 X P2V2T1
Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
Total pressures of a gas in a system is the sum of partial pressures of each component gas
When gas is collected w/ water
Pgas= Pt-Ph2o
Graham’s Law of Diffusion
rate 1/rate 2= Square root (MM2/MM1)
Ideal Gas Laws
M(molar mass)=dRT/P
D(density)= MP/RT
Gay Lussac’s Law
If pressure is increased at a constant rate
Temperature and Volume are decreased
If temperature is increased at a constant rate
Pressure and Volume are increased
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