Find the Time

For the adult learner, management of time will be a valuable skill to learn, in order to achieve ones goals. There are some key tools that should be learned to better manage time. These tools include the proper use of time, goal setting, prioritizing, and maintaining focus of the objective. Making the choice to go back to school as an adult is a great decision; however, there could be obstacles in anyone’s life that can interfere with their academic plan. They may face distractions, or struggle with procrastination. Wasting time will sabotage personal goals, and may completely derail a student’s academic career. Success will be achieved by students that can prepare a healthy learning environment, and keep a positive attitude.
Why is it important to manage time? It is essential for adult students to learn how to manage their time. Some adult learners struggle to find the balance between their work schedule, managing a home life, and finding the time for education. Without successfully managing this time they may find it much harder to, if not impossible, to achieve their academic goals. “Data from the National Center for Education Statistics show that just slightly more than a quarter – 28 percent – of full-time and a mere 5 percent of part-time older students go on to finish their college studies.” (Schepp, 2012, paragraph 3) Adult learners already have a full schedule. Understanding the need to allocate time for school can be the difference between success or failure. “Most adult students assume that squeezing an hour or two of class every Tuesday evening will not put a dent in their schedules. This is incorrect. Consider that for every hour of time spent in the classroom… several additional hours devoted to study, research, or homework.” (Levithan, 2011, paragraph 4)
One of the benefits of time management is the ability to maximize personal accomplishment. Success depends on making goals a priority. Too often in adults lives, what it wanted is never…