Financial Matter

What is a UNCW OneCard?
the official form of ID on UNCW’s campus
OneCard office?
Warwick Center
3 services on OneCard
Meal Plans
Book store dollars
Seahawk bucks
How do you check the balance on your One Card?
-Login to the UNCW One Card Online Management Center with your UNCW email address and password.
-Once logged in, scroll down until you find the One Card in the Box labeled Seahawk Buck$.
-Select the card, then scroll to the top to see balance and transaction information.
Cashier’s Office location
Warwick Center, 144
What does the cashier’s office do?
-sends out student E-Bills
-TealPay plans
-make a change from any bill size
office of scholarships and fin aid location
Warwick Center
What type of aid?
-federal work study
Where can the scholarship app be found?
seaport, student services, apply for scholarships

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