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From observation it seems that the entire major stocks move simultaneously with the market therefore it is feasible to study the market dynamics and its movements in the short run. It is also recommended to pick only specific stocks that are bound to move with the market rather than against it. For example, if the near term prediction is for a bearish market than it is viable to sell stock rather than buying it. Market fundamentals do play an important role in the overall direction of the market. It is useful to keep a close eye on the fundamentals to gauge the future movement.

Besides, fundamentals and technical indicators, human emotions are possibly the single most important factor in the success of an investor. Amid market noise, many investors will make wrong decision and see the stock move in their direction only after they have closed the transaction at a loss. Buying TYCO stock and selling it at the wrong time is an example of such a trade. It is also important to diversify the portfolio and include stocks from various sectors so as to minimize the impact of market turmoil. Novice investors should always invest in high

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volume stocks.

These high volume stocks provide consistency and are prone to wide fluctuations after the earnings and after-hour trading. Investing in low volume stocks should only be done after extensive study. Loss in Voxware Inc. , a low volume stock, was evident without a compelling reason to buy that stock. Middle to Long term investing strategy is less risky as it offers investors more time to visualize a trading strategy. Moreover, it was observed that it is difficult to predict the movement of any stock with a couple of sources.

Even if the sources are highly reliable, investors should always look at the big picture and try to include as many factors as possible. It is practical to keep a close eye on earning calls as this data can move the stocks and can have a substantial effect on an investor’s portfolio. Tools Besides WallStreetInvestor, Yahoo Finance is highly recommended for all traders as it not only offers easy to read charts but also provides every kind of information in a well organized manner. Likewise, www. theStreet. com is another great tool for getting expert ratings and understanding basic trading implications.

Both of these websites are tailored specifically for novice and average traders who like to decipher important news without too much clutter. While using WallStreetInvestor, the need for a reliable broker is fairly imminent. I would recommend using Interactive Broker www. interactivebroker. com which has not only won rave reviews from nearly everyone but also provides one of the most advance and simplest of the trading platforms. It demands only $1 in commission on opening and closing a position. While selecting the stocks to pick, I also used www. prophet. net which offers one of the most extensive free charting platforms on the web.

Their charts go back more than a hundred years and are available in one minute time duration. For those interested in day trading, www. briefing. com Premier service provides reliable real time breaking news.


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