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Wild Oats has been showing a very good improvement in the income that they have generated since the day they started the business of organic products. Five hundred forty-three stockholders have held common stocks as of February of this year. In 2001, the net sale of the company was $219.

5 million which increased to $233. 0 million after one fiscal year. Sales for Wild Oats have recorded an increase of 7. 2% in the year 2005. Increases were attributable to comparable store sales growth of 3.

8% and the net increase of five stores in fiscal 2005.In the 21st century, Wild Oats economic trend has been going up and it has not come down since. This shows that the management is able to manage their finances well and that marketing strategies are helpful in making their business a huge success. Part of the success in finances could also be attributed to the growing numbers of store and private labeled product that the company is venturing into.

An example of a program that helps improve the sale of Wild Oats will be their Fresh Look marketing and merchandising program. This is a program done by the company to attract more customers and to further develop their credibility.Strategic Recommendations The key to a successful partnership is inter-dependency. A company must be willing to work in close relationship with some of its partners of they would like to win this type of war that they have. Service transparency, everyone not only the direct consumers must know the worth of their product and the ethics of the company behind it. Nowadays, people are crucial about ethics behind the company and not the mere numbers or figures that they give.

It would help a lot if one company has a positive image within the industry and throughout as well.Consumers would want something and would need something that they can use anytime and anywhere without so much conflict. A standard that is refined and implementable. Stability of alliances another thing needed for a business to stay long. Sometimes even though you have the smartest idea or the greatest product, if that would not be supported, you are still at the loosing end. Coordination, cooperation and distribution these are the keys for a successful alliance to make one product win over the other.

Marketing strategies should be well defined for the target population.Any business needs an amount of risk and determination to succeed. The capital is one important factor that determines the future of one industry that is why it is important that the amount invested in any given company or business is carefully monitored if it is being use to the fullest and if it will augment to all the needs needed to make it. Capital Structure refers to the amount of debt financing as opposed to equity financing. Relying on own money is not enough, more than usual, a company needs to borrow money, maybe from a bank, in order to meet its objectives. This is called leverage in the financing world.

Deciding on capital structure is critical. Changing our financing weights can change the cost of capital. Determining the value of an investment and projects rely on the appropriate budget that one company allocate for his capital and the required return for it. It is easy to acquire a debt but maintaining its positive impact in one company needs a lot of effort and planning. Business risk should be managed well and risk should be realigned in a way to cut costs; Optimized firm’s operating and financing costs; Trade off fixed charge and variable charge costs; Risk management; and when to increase and decrease risk.

(Brackers, 2004) Productivity within a team needs to be established for this is critical regarding the success of a company. Work related goals must be set and supervisors must let the employees be aware of these and how it could be achieved. A supervisor should also employ some motivation techniques to make workers more creative and productive. They must have passion for their job to make sure that they are performing at their best. Their needs must be satisfied and a supervisor must use positive reinforcement to boost one’s ego thus making employees more productive.There is also a need for development emphasizing on greater saturation in our existing markets; Stores efficiency should also be handled well by investing in IT systems and centralized purchasing fro all stores.

Wild Oats should also employ the use of advertisements to make sales. Investing in their retail stores will also be a worth it endeavor. They should try to venture in bringing their organic products further, meaning in more states and more countries.

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