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The building required by the university should be large enough to be able to accommodate the students in all the departments. Stone buildings will be appropriate because of how long lasting they would be. The building would be subdivided in to various rooms so that the various activities carried out in the University will not be mixed up. The students’ cafeteria will be constructed near the class rooms so that students will have an easy time of getting food between classes.

(Ariole, 2007) For the University to get a high global ranking, it has to form partnerships with other Universities abroad. This will ensure that students get an opportunity of interacting with universities such as Oxford and Harvard which are known to offer very high quality education. Students through with their bachelor’s degree programmes would also get an opportunity to do their masters degree in these Universities.

Partnership will enhance both the quality of education offered at Agape University and improve its image to the international community hence attracting international students. (Abati, 2005) Agape University plans to increase the number of courses it offers. It also wants to computerize its library. Computerized libraries are very rare in

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Nigerian Universities due to the poor funding they experience.

Therefore, the university plans on getting finance assistance from donors and from the Government, which will be put into getting the resources that will ensure that the Universities library is computerized. This is a project that is going to run for 3-5 years. (Walter, 2001)


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