Final Vocab

valence electrons 
the electrons in the highest occupied energy level of an element 
octet rule
in forming compounds, atoms tend to achieve the electron configuration of a noble gas

electron dot structure



diagrams that show valence electrons as dots


ionic compounds 
compounds composed of cations and anions 
ionic bond
the electrostatic forces that holds ions together in ionic compounds 
chemical formula 
shows the kinda and numbers if atoms in the smallest representative unit of a substance  
formula unit
the lowest whole-number ratio of the ions in an ionic compound 
metallic bonds 
consist of the attraction of the free floating valence electrons for the positively charged metal ions 
covalent bond
the atoms held together by sharing electrons are joined 
molecular compound
a compound composed of molecules 
single covalent bond
two atoms held together by sharing a pair of electrons 
properties of ionic compounds

1. high boiling points

2. mostly in crystalline solids


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