Final Review I

The discipline or body of knowledge that studies physical activity through performance, scholarly analysis, and professional practice is termed:
The sub-discipline of kinesiology that involves the study of human thought, emotion, and behavior in physical activity is termed:
sport and exercise psychology
The advancement of competitive women s sports was influenced most by which of the following?
The passage of Title IX
The largest professional organization in the U.S. for physical activity, health-related and allied fields is:
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD)
All of the following are examples of primarily anaerobic physical activities EXCEPT:
10,000 meter
The spheres of physical activity play a role in all of the following:
All of the above
Which of the following scholarly study areas would apply principles of biology and chemistry to understand how the body responds to physical activity?
Exercise Physiology
Understanding how movement skills are learned is the goal of which sub-discipline?
Motor Behavior
Athletic Training, cardiac rehabilitation, occupational therapy and physical therapy are professions in which of the following spheres of professional practice:
Therapeutic exercise
Expertise in marketing, accounting, finance, and legal aspects of sport are often required for this career track:
Sport Management
All of the following are examples of promoting values/morals in physical activity and sport EXCEPT:
Running up the score on lesser opponents to show your superiority
The following are goals of philosophy of physical activity in Kinesiology EXCEPT:
To understand how muscles, bones, and connective tissue produce various movements
The student learning objectives in a physical education curriculum are termed:
Learning outcomes
Which of the following most accurately describes the activity patterns of Americans?
All of the above.
Which of the following would be considered a closed rather than open skill?
Hitting a baseball off a tee
The components of health-related fitness include all of the following EXCEPT
A women who runs 2 miles every day only because it helps her maintain her weight may be said to have
An extrinsic orientation to physical activity
What is another term for the study of teaching?
Most stress associated with physical activity participation is based on
Fear of failure and fear of evaluation
As a rule, instructors can best assist students as they learn rules and routines by
All of the above

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