Final Review Ch. 8

In every balanced chemical equation, each side of the equation has the same number of ____.
What does the Delta (triangle) symbol in a chemical equation mean?
heat is supplied to the reaction
True or False: Concerning what happens in all chemical reactions: new atoms are formed as products.
True or False: Concerning what happens in all chemical reactions: The way in which atoms are joined together is changed.
A skeleton equation does NOT show ___.
the relative amounts of reactans and products
In order to predict whether or not a single-replacement reaction takes place, we need to consult a chart which shows the ____.
activity series of metals
In a double-replacement reaction the reactants are generally ______.
two ionic compounds in aqueous solution
In a combustion reaction, one of the reactants is ______.
The type of reaction that takes place when one element reacts with a compound to form a new compound and a different element is a _____.
single-replacement reaction
True or False: All Chemical Reactions can be classified as one of five general types.
True or False: Complete combustion has occurred when all the carbon in the product is in the form of carbon dioxide.
True or False: A single reactant is the identifying characteristic of a decomposition reaction.
In a double-replacement reaction, the reactant are ____.
two ionic ompounds
The products of a combustion reaction do NOt include____. (water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, heat, hydrogen)
carbon monoxide
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