Final Review Ch. 19 (#1)

At what stage of a reaction do the atoms have the highest energy?
Transition State Stage
Why does a higher concentration make a reaction go faster?
There are more collisions per second only.
In a reaction (at equilibrium) that makes more moles of gas than it consumes, what is the eddect of increasing the pressure?
The reaction makes more products.
In a chemical reaction with a Keq of 1 * 10^8, the ____.
products are favored.
What is the effect of adding more water to the following equilibrium reaction? CO2 + H20 <->H2CO3
More H2CO3 is produced
What are the units for a reaction rate?
Why does a catalyst cause a reaction to proceed faster?
The activation energy is lowered only.
What happens to a reaction at equilibrium when a product is removed from the reaction system?
The reaction makes more products.
Which of the following does NOT affect the rate of a chemical reaction?
A. the equlibrium position
B. the temperature
C. the concentration of reactants
D. the presence of a catalyst
A. the equilibrium position
If a reaction it reversiblem what are the relative amounts of reactant and products at the end of the reaction?
some product;some reactant
A catalyst works by____.
lowering the activation energy barrier
What happens to a reaction at equilibrium when more reactant is added to the system?
The reaction makes more products.
The rate of a chemical reaction normally _______ as reaction concentration increases.
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