Final Review Ch. 18

Which of the following pairs of substances are miscible?
a. water and ethanol
b. water and oxygen
c. water and sodium chloride
d. water and gasoline
a.water and ethanol
Holding the temperature constant while adding more solute to a solution that already has solute crystals at the bottom of the container causes ______.
more solute crystals to appear at the bottom of the container
If the pressure of a gas above a liquid is increased (at constant temperature), the solubility of the gas in the liquid ____.
How does solubility generally vary as the temperature increases?
Solubility increases
A dilute solution is one in which there is a ___ amount of solute in a _____ amount of solvent.
small, large
If a crystal added to an aqueous solution causes many particles to come out of solution, the original solution was ____.
Increasing the temperature of a solution will generally ____ and ______.
Increase the rate at which a solute dissolves and increase the amount of solute that dissolves
In a concentrated solution there is _____.
a large amount of solute
What DOES NOT change when a solution is diluted by the addition of solvent?
number of moles in solution
Which of the following is NOT a colligative property of a solution?
a. its molarity decreases
b. supersaturation
c. vapor pressure lowering
d. freezing point depression
b. supersaturation
Colligative properties depend upon_____.
the number of particles dissolved in a given mass of solvent.
Why does solute depress the freezing point?
because the solute dirupts crystal formation by the solvent.
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