Final Review Ch. 17

How does the surface tension of water compare with the surface tension of most other liquids?
It is higher.
What is the shape of the water molecule?
Which atom in a water molecule has the greatest electronegativity?
the oxygen atom
The bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a water molecule are ___.
polar covalent bonds
What is most directly responsible for water’s high boiling point?
What is the term for the dissolving medium in a solution?
A solution is a mixture that has ____.
the same properties throughout.
How many hydrogen bonds can be formed between one hydrogen atom in a water molecule and oxygen atoms of surrounding water molecules?
How many nonbonding pairs of electrons are in a water molecule?
The bonds between adjacent water molecules are called____.
hydrogen bonds
Which of the following substances is the most soluble in water?
sodium chloride, methane, bromine, oxygen, carbon
sodium chloride
What occurs in solvation?
solvent molecules surround solute ions
Which of the following are weak electolytes in water?
a. ionic compounds that are slightly soluble
b. ionic compounds that are soluble
c. polar compounds that ionize
d. nonpolar compounds that do not ionize
a. ionic compounds that are slightly soluble
An electric current is conducted by a ___.
salt solution
A hydrated crystal that has a water vapor pressure higher than the water vapor pressure of air is__.
A crystal that absorbs water vapor pressure from the air and then dissolves in the water is calle da __.
What mixture type is characterized by the settling of particles?
What type of mixture can be filtered to remove solute?
suspensions only
The solute in a colloidal suspension is caled the___.
dispersed phase
What is the tyndal effect?
Scattering of light through a suspension or colloid.
An emulsion is which type of mixture? (suspension, colloid, solution)
An emulsion is a colloidal dispersion of ___.
liquids in liquids
Which of the following mixtures is NOT a colloid?
a. fog
b. milk
c. paint
d. sugar water
d. sugar water
An emulsifying agent is typically characterized by having ______.
one polar end and one nonpolar end.
True or False: Particles can be filtered from a suspension.
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