Final Review Ch. 11

Compared to 100 g of iron, a 10-g sample of iron has a(n) ______ specific heat.
A process that absorbs heat is a(n) ____ process.
If heat is produced by a chemical system, an equal amount of heat will be _____ by the ________.
absorbed by the surroundings
What does the absic equation for an endothermic reaction look like?
A + B + heat->C+D
If the heat incolved in a chemical reaction has a negative sign, heat is _____ by the surroundings.
The amount of heat released by the complete burning of 1 mole of a substance is the _____.
heat capacity
A piece of metal is heated and then submerged in cool water. Which statement beloq describes what happens?
A. The temperature of the metal will increase.
B. The temp. of the water will increase.
C. The temp. of the water will decrease.
D. The temp. of
D. The temp. of the water will increase and the temp. of the metal will decrease.
A calorie is ____ a joule.
larger than
In an exothermic reaction, the energy stored in the chemical bonds of the reatants is _____ the energy stored in the bonds of the products.
greater than
f you were to touch the flask in which an endothermic reaction were occurring, the flask would feel ______ than before the reaction started.
If the hear involved in a chemical reaction has a negative sign, heat is ________ the surroundings.
lost to
On what principle does calorimetry depends?
Law of conservation of energy
What is the amount of heat needed to melt one mole of a solid called?
molar heat of fusion
What is the heat of solution?
the amount of heat absorbed or released when a solid dissolves.
During a phase change, the temperature of a substance ______.
remains constant
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