Final Exam Review CH 1

Anything that has mass and takes up space
building blocks of matter
Made of the same kind of atom
made of two or more different kinds of elements
Heterogeneous mixture
not uniform throughout

  • uniform throughout
  • if it has a variable composition then it is a homogeneous mixture
  • no variable composition=pure substance
    • if it can be separated into simpler substances= compound
    • if not=element

Physical Properites

  • can be observed with out changing a substance into another substance
  • ex. boiling point, density, mass, volume

chemical properties

  • can only be observed when a substance is changed into another substance
  • ex. flammability, corrosiveness, reavtivity with acid

Intensive Properties

  • Independent of the amount of the substance that is present
  • ex. Density, boiling point, color

Extensive properties

  • depend upon the amount of the substance present
  • ex. mass, volume, energy

Physical Changes

  • changes in matter that do not change the composition of substance
  • ex. Changes of state, temp, volume etc

Chemical Changes

  • changes resulting in a new substance
  • combustion, oxidation, decomposition

solid substances are separated from liquids/solutions
uses difference in the boiling points of substance to separate a homogeneous mixture into its components
separates substances on the basis of difference solubility in a solvent

  1. Giga,
  2. mega
  3. kilo

  1. 10^9
  2. 10^6
  3. 10^3

  1. Deci,
  2. Centi,
  3. Millie,

  1. 10^-1
  2. 10^-2
  3. 10^-3


  1. Micro
  2. Nano
  3. Pico

  1. 10^-6
  2. 10^-9
  3. 10^-12

temperature conversion equation

  1. K=C+273.15
  2. F=9/5(C) + 32
  3. C=5/9(F-32)

Significant figure  rules

  • when adding or subtracting, answers are rounded to the least sig decimal place
  • multiplying or dividing answers are rounded to the number of digits that corresponds to the least number of sigfigs used

prosimity of a measurement ot the true value of a quantity
prosimity of several measurements to each other
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