Final exam review

When the pressure increases in a gas the volume will______
Decrease by Boyle’s Law
Find the new volume when a 2.5L sample at 1.2atm is placed at 0.80atm.
2.5 x 1.2 / 0.8 = 3.75L
Whose law relates volume to temperature? Write the formula and state the relationship.
Charles V/T = k Direct relationship
identify the acid/conjugate base pair.
a. HF + H2O -F- + H3O+
Acid= HF Conjugate base= F-
Write the conjugate acid
a. HSO4 –
2.) If pH = 8.2, what is your pOH?
14-8.2 = 5.8
4.) If the concentration of NaOH is 2.33 x 10-2 M,
a. What is the pOH?
4.) If the concentration of NaOH is 2.33 x 10-2 M,
What is the pH?
Is the solution acidic or basic?
12.37 basic
1. Name the ion that represents an Arrhenius acid.
2. Name the ion that represents an Arrhenius base.
1. H+
2. OH-
3. Name one property of acids.
4. Name one property of bases.
3. sour, low pH, corrosive
4. bitter, slippery, high pH
What are the products in a neutralization reaction?
Water and a salt
If the concentration of H+ ions increases, what happens?
The pH will go lower
Define a limiting reactant.
The reactant that is all used up and determines how much product is formed
The boiling point for water is______
100 degrees celcius or 373K
What is the molarity of a solution with 4.5 mol in 3.0L?
4.5/3 = 1.5M
What is the molarity of a NaCl solution that has 58.0 g of NaCl in 5.0L.
Convert grams to moles then divide by liters.
What is STP?
Standard temperature and pressure of 0 degree celcius and 1 atm of pressure
Use solubility rules to determine if the following are soluble in water.
A. BaSO4 B. LiCl C. Mg(OH)2 D. Cu(NO3)2
A.No B.yes D. yes
Predict whether a solid forms from this reaction. BaCl2 + Na2SO4
Yes BaSO4
What are spectator ions?
Ions that do not participate in the reaction. These are not included in the net ionic equation.
Define a strong acid.
A substance that when placed in water will dissociate completely to give up H+ ions that will lower the pH
How do you identify the substance being oxidized?
It is the one that has an increase in its oxidation number.

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