Final – ch3

Chemical Coumpounds
involve atoms of two or more elements, chemically combined, with the atoms in fixed whole number ratios. In general, they can be molecular or ionic
some compounds form solids called…
hydrates, which contain water molecules in definite proportions
Molecular formula
Contains the type and number of atoms in each molecule of a molecular compound.
binary ionic compounds
are formed bw a metal and a non-metal
the metal ion becomes a ___________ and the non-metal an ____________
cation (+), anion (-)
the formula of such a compoound fives the smallest whole # ratio of the ions and is called _________
formula unit
of molecular and ionic compounds, respectively, refers to the mass in atomic mass units (u) of all atoms in a chemical formula.
mass percent
(mass of element/total mass of compound) x 100%
empirical formula
of an unknown compound gives the simplest ratio of atoms of each element in a molecular compound, and can be determined from its experimentally determined mass percent composition
the molecular formula of the compound can be determined from the ___________ when the molar mass of the compound is known
empirical formula
Molecular formula molar mass =
empirical formula molar mass x ‘integral factor
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