Figurative Language and Advanced Writing Techniques

He felt like the flowers were waving him a hello.

as busy as a bee

My life is a dream

Mike’s microphone made much music.

The wind howled its mighty objection.

BAM, POW, CRASH, BOOM, BANG, squeak, slash, spray

I’ve told you a million times

Magic 3
I love running, laughing, and playing with my friends

Specific Detail for Effect
But I knew her sick from the disease that would not go, her legs bunched under the
yellow sheets, the bones gone limp as worms. The yellow pillow, the yellow smell, the
bottles and spoons. Her head thrown back like a thirsty lady. My aunt, the swimmer.

Expanded Moment
She stopped, checked her watch, straightened her skirt, and pushed the door open.

It was the first day of 8th grade and I had walked into the school confident and ready for a new start. I ended up having to go to the bathroom as soon as I got there and when I came out there was a trail of toilet paper stuck to my foot. That was not a good way to start the year off.

Full Circle Ending
An ending referring to your thesis statement.

Hyphenated Modifier
My mom gave me her famous you-better-clean-your-room-or-your-grounded look.

Figure of Speech
Its raining cats and dogs

time will tell

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