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* We will be the preferable trade name of forte java of the international concern traveller. Our merchandises and alone manner of service will go forth a permanent feeling among our clients. * We will be the investing of pick in the states where our trade name is represented thereby supplying attractive returns to all our stockholders. * We will be a theoretical account employer that inspires its stakeholders to be better than its leaders because the chances for calling and personal growing will drive them to stand out.

* We will be the most admired preparation installations for java instruction doing us the best preparation land for those who want to set up a calling or concern on java and… * We will be remembered as a committed advocator of corporate societal duty by defending the cause of java to assist husbandmans live a better life. * To provide to the different gustatory sensation penchants. Figaro offers a broad choice of hot or cold java and tea mixtures. attach toing pastries and savoury repasts.

* We recommend you seek them all to meet the alone delectation each has to offer. Corporate Mission * We provide first-class java and gracious service making a memorable experience for people who appreciate high quality java and demand for exceeding service. * Figaro’s distinctive shop design. alone atmosphere and manner of service satisfy the planetary client. * Figaro creates long-run value for its proprietors and concern spouses through profitable operations and concern sustainability and self-respect of life for its employees.

* We will ever pattern good administration and actively prosecute the cause of socio-cultural and environmental concerns. * We will ever give you choice service. quality merchandises & A ; value for your money. SECTION 3 PRODUCT/SERVICE 3. 1 ABOUT THE COMPANY AND THE PRODUCT The Figaro Coffee Company is a popular forte java shop in the Philippines that is 100 per centum Filipino-owned. Established in 1993. it is based on the construct of a complete shop where “Filipinos can acquire the perfect java and all the necessary accessories for java making” that can vie internationally.

From merely two employees. a managing spouse and a booth in the Makati Mall of the Ayala Centre. the company now has 64 mercantile establishments embracing booths and coffeehouse ( including international subdivisions ) . The company’s merchandise line includes forte roasted javas and assorted coffee-related gears sold at retail. Aside from the superior-tasting java that a client can bask in the Figaro Cafes. the company besides offers a host of newly roasted beans on retail. Among the choice is Barako and from the clip it was introduced in 1999. Figaro Barako has become a best seller.

The ‘Save the Barako’ cause has someway given the java added value as a part of the bean gross revenues is channelled back to into a undertaking to advance the resurgence of the Barako. The undertaking encompasses awareness plans. new plantings. research. and targeted selling. and is coordinated with the Figaro Coffee Foundation. Meanwhile. as the ingestion of Barako additions. a greater demand arises to maintain the production traveling which gives all the more ground why Barako needs to be saved from extinction.

The continued increased demand for Barako on the other manus allows the advantage of conveying the monetary value of Barako to a feasible degree that benefits both the husbandman and the retail merchant. Through Figaro’s customer-loyalty strategy called Coffee Club. the company organizes farm Tourss twice a twelvemonth wherein java partisans show the procedure of java harvest home and planting. Since the company is chiefly a java distributer and java store operator. it did non hold anterior experience in really turning java for commercial production. 3. 2 PRODUCT’S UNIQUE FEAUTURES Our Passion for Coffee.

Our Beans are Always Freshly Roasted. Coffee beans need to be roasted to convey out their resistless spirit and aromatics. The Oklahoman a roasted bean gets into a cup. the better the spirit. Freshness is really of import to us. We roast our beans in universe category quality roasters. carefully watched over by roasting experts who make certain each bean is done absolutely. Once roasted. the beans are packed and sent to the shops instantly to guarantee freshness. We make certain that every cup of java our clients enjoy is made of the best quality. absolutely roasted beans.

After all. you deserve merely the best from Figaro. Share our Passion Today. Figaro boasts 64 coffeehouse in the Philippines. It is one of the fastest-growing java ironss. in merely over 17 old ages of experience in the art and concern of java. We believe in providing to upscale java lovers. offering javas like an expert roasted and brewed harmonizing to the criterions of Gallic and Italian coffeehouse. Figaro offers an ideal concern chance that assures superior returns compared to an independent concern of similar range.

After perforating the international market. we are now maintaining a critical oculus on spread outing in our home-market. which will zero in largely on concern territories around the state as we want more and more people to see the sophisticated European java civilization through our local barako java. 3. 3 Phase OF DEVELOPMENT As the company started to acquire acknowledgment as a major java concatenation. particularly with the reaching in the state of international java trade names such as Starbucks. Figaro was in hunt of the popular Barako java.

Quite serendipitously. Figaro’s CEO Pacita Juan met Father Roger Bagao. a java farmer/priest in Tagaytay City who headed a farmer’s java co-op. Father Roger hailed from the southern state of Bohol and has made java his life. A member of the Divine Word Seminary ( SVD ) in Tagaytay. Father Roger chose to populate among the coffee-farming people. He knew that to help them to achieve religious waking up or enrichment. he foremost had to larn what crops they grew. how they made their support. This meant foremost assisting them to make full their tummies. and subsequently making their psyche. So COFFEE was it.

He organized a farmers’ co-op that ran a java factory known as SMSK. Pacita Juan met Father Roger and asked him to demo Figaro the other side of java – husbandmans. different assortments and where they grew. java in the South. java in the mountains. When Pacita was looking for the native Barako. Father Roger could merely state her that this assortment or species was no longer profitable as their outputs were low and Nescafe ( the biggest processor ) would hold no demand for the Barako. This saddened Figaro. as Barako is an of import portion of Filipino java history. “How do we alter the tide? ” she asked Father Roger.

“Can we start seting Barako? How do we state people about this sad destiny of this species that is so popular among our people? ” These inquiries made Figaro. with the aid of Father Roger. set up a foundation to turn to the demands of the Philippines Coffee Industry – now known as the Figaro Foundation Corporation. The first undertaking of the foundation was general java awareness-driven: The Coffee Farm Tour is now held every January in Cavite or Batangas. two states appropriate for a twenty-four hours trip. The 2nd undertaking is Barako awareness-driven. The Barako is easy being cut down due to its ‘low’ demand among large processors.

However. there is turning demand for Barako from forte joint and land processors in the Philippines. and for export to the Middle East. A related foundation undertaking is called ‘Barako Tree Planting’ . Launched in 2000. this undertaking is run every July or August. The cardinal challenges confronting the tree-planting undertaking are where to acquire seedlings and where to acquire land. Luckily. Father Roger found land during 2000 and 2001. After 2001. nevertheless. the foundation met with some jobs sing land ownership and could no longer entree the first plantings to look into on advancement.

In the same twelvemonth. Father Roger introduced Cavite State University ( CaVSU ) and its research caput. Dr. Andy Mojica to the Figaro Foundation. Dr. Mojica would be one of the keys to Barako seedling extension. and he would besides be a major portion of the Presidential Task Force on Coffee Rehabilitation prompted by Figaro’s relentless invitation. In January 2002. Figaro ( now working with Dr. Mojica’s group ) began to see CaVSU for its Annual Farm Tour and besides to work with them on Barako seedling supply. a undertaking that used to be performed by Father Roger.

Meanwhile. Father Roger went on a sabbatical in 2002 and Figaro was later invited to be a member of the Presidential Task Force on Coffee Rehabilitation ( see below ) . In this same period. the java town of Amadeo was visited by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the first-ever Pahimis festival to signal the start of today’s Filipino java revolution – a peaceable revolution of traveling back to java farms to increase production to turn the state from being a net java importer to a net exporter as it was until 1990. In Amadeo. Figaro met Mayor O. J. Ambagan who lief offered his land for the following Figaro Tree Planting activity.

In the same twelvemonth. Leisure Farms. a first category farm community invited the Figaro Foundation to set about another tree seting activity in Lemery. Batangas which would be provided with irrigation and all the attention needed for a first category farm. These attempts have now grown into a series of undertakings with the local authorities of Amadeo such as the ‘Adopt-a-farm’ plan. java farm Tourss. and the organisation of a java co-op to advance ‘Cafe Amadeo’ – a ‘monobranding’ exercising to advance Amadeo’s java roasters who used to sell under different trade name names.

More than merely to prolong its core merchandise or nucleus concern. Figaro has become the trailblazer on how ‘out of the box’ thoughts can be used to promote husbandmans to works the Barako once more. actuate local authoritiess to make their portion and acquire co-ops working toward one end. Through its partnership with the municipality of Amadeo. Figaro will be able to works around 30. 000 Barako trees in and around the Amadeo town supplying husbandmans with a niche merchandise that can be their ticket to higher selling monetary values and export potency of a value-added merchandise branded with the Figaro name. 3. 4TRADEMARKS.

3. 5PRODUCT There are five commercially known java bean assortments worldwide: Arabica. Robusta. Excelsa. Stenophylla and Liberica. The most popular beans in usage all over the universe are Arabica and Robusta. The former has a more elusive and distinguishable spirit and is normally used for epicure javas. However. due to endure conditions. it can non be natively grown in the Philippines except in some mountain countries. and hence is largely imported. Robusta on the other manus is grown in many parts of the state. Due to its more racy spirit. Robusta is used largely for instant java.

The Excelsa and Stenophylla assortments are non cultivated commercially in the Philippines. Liberica is known to be an autochthonal merchandise in merely three Asiatic states. including the Philippines. doing the bean a really alone and potentially moneymaking merchandise. The term ‘Barako’ in the Philippines has become a generic name for the java grown and roasted in the Batangas part ( merely north of Manila ) . In truth. Barako is the Philippine Liberica bean known for “its peculiarly strong gustatory sensation. powerful organic structure and a clearly acrid smell.

” Because of its homespun image. domestic demand for Barako had slacked off in favor of imported international Arabica and large-scale production of Robusta by and for big corporations. Saudi Arabia has been the merely known export market for Barako. As a consequence. the Barako is now in danger of extinction. In add-on to the diminution in Barako production. predominating low universe monetary values for java have meant that many Filipino java husbandmans have begun to switch to other harvests and some have chosen to sell their land. 3. 6 FACILITIES ( PLANT LOCATION ) 3.

7SUPPLIERS A. RAW MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES Figaro buys Filipino java from communities and husbandmans nationally at an norm of 39 dozenss or 39. 000 kilogram of java every twelvemonth: THUS BENEFITTING… * 57 husbandmans and their households or about 688 individuals benefit YEARLY * Coffee harvested from about 115 hectares of java farms are sold YEARLY * An estimated sum of P 4 million pesos is generated from the purchase of java from husbandmans YEARLY * More kids are sent to school. more households are enabled to purchase nutrient. medical specialties. and gain more nest eggs.

Farmers from Kalinga. Ifugao. Benguet. Batangas. Cavite. Negros. Davao. Sulu and Basilan are integrated into the supply concatenation of Figaro. WITH MORE FARMERS HARVESTING COFFEE. MORE FIGARO PATRONS CONTINUE TO ENJOY CUPS OF FIGARO COFFEE. B. TOOLS. MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT The company does non have roasting installations. but employs the installations of a sister company. Boyd’s Coffee Company. Today. Boyd Coffee Co. ( Phils. ) Inc. has established its important presence in the Filipino java industry.

Capitalizing on its alone qualities as a trendsetter and an expert. Boyd Coffee continues its tradition of supplying Fresh Roasted Coffee and Total Coffee Solutions designed specifically for each client’s needs. C. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS The declining supply of Barako beans prompted the company to be more aggressive in procuring supplies. The ‘Save the Barako’ run is its showpiece attempt. and has earned the company a repute as a company that cares for the java husbandman. Figaro took up the cause of the Barako when everybody else thought it an Impossible undertaking.

But because of its belief in the cause. Figaro enjoined little groups who every bit believed in the unity of the cause and later easy built consciousness towards a greater mass. Today. Barako has gained many protagonists and made a dream a possibility. farther cogent evidence that an divine vision that is led by a believable company to prolong its ain industry is the bosom of corporate societal duty. Ultimately. ‘Save the Barako’ has moved even the simplest java client to assist prolong this once-threatened assortment – that is reward in itself. Section 4 Selling Plan 4. 1 INDUSTRY PROFILE.

Worth of the full java industry in the Philippines: P21 Billion* Worth of gourmet java industry in the Philippines: 2. 1 Billion* Number of shops in the Philippines: STARBUCKS – 150 Figaro – 64 Bo’s Coffee – 40 Gloria Jeans- 38 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf- 33 Seattle’s Best – 14 Number of java concatenation mercantile establishments – 400+ Growth rate of full java industry: 7 % yearly Growth rate of gourmet java industry: 20 % yearly The sum needed by the authorities to prolong java industry: P200 million Entire Coffee Demands: 65. 000 dozenss. 2009 ; 70. 350 dozenss 2012. 75. 000 dozenss by 2015.

Entire Coffee Production: 30. 000 dozenss Coffee Producing States: 22 Coffee Varieties in the Philippines: Liberica. Robusta. Arabica and Excelsa Coffee has been around for more than 1. 000 old ages. During that clip. java has been considered a nutrient. a medical specialty. an aphrodisiac. and even a vino. Today. nevertheless. java is known as a drink to be savored and enjoyed. Such has coffee’s popularity grown through the centuries. Today. it can be safely assumed person. someplace is enjoying a cup. a mug or any of coffee’s delightful and delightful readyings at about every hr of the twenty-four hours.

From sun up to sun down. its java clip! All commercial assortments of java are available in the Philippines – Robusta accounting for 70 % of the country’s entire production. and Arabica with approximately 5-10 % . Other assortments such as Excelsa and Liberica besides thrives in the state and histories for 15-20 % of the sum. Robusta is the main beginning of the base for intermixing java and is of import in the industry of soluble or instant java. Arabica remains the exclusive beginning of all right java.

The Philippines produces about 1. 3 per centum of the entire planetary java production. In our state. no forenoon is complete without java. We have our ain Batangas barako to be proud of. Instant java so came into the scene. and recently. epicure and forte java with the debut of foreign coffeehouses such as Starbucks. Seattle’s Best. and the similar. Coffee imbibing has now become more than merely a manner to wake up one’s nervousnesss. it has become a tendency. * First. the world’s java stores make up the fastest turning portion of the eating house concern. checking in with a 7 % one-year growing rate.

* Second. that the universe java production is estimated at 110 – 120 million bags per twelvemonth. * Third. that 14 billion espresso javas are consumed each twelvemonth in Italy. making over 200. 000 java bars. and still turning. * Fourth. that Americans consume 400 million cups of java per twenty-four hours. or tantamount 146. 000. 000. 000 ( 146 Billion ) cups per twelvemonth ; doing the United States the taking consumer of java in the universe. * Fifth. that Japan ranks figure 3 in the universe for java ingestion. * Sixth. that java represents 75 % of all the caffeine consumed in the United States.

* And seventh. that cafe bars have entire mean gross revenues that reach 230 cups a twenty-four hours. * It is now an accepted fact that bulk of Filipinos take to coffee like they take to rice. and beer. * Take “BARAKO” for illustration. this native-grown java bean for illustration. this native-grown java bean is non merely celebrated for its strong olfactory property. as pinoy java lovers would atleast. * Although non a common java assortment. “BARAKO” is abundant in Southeast Asia. particularly in the Philippines. * Believe it or non. it has the largest beans of all the java assortments in the universe.

Its gustatory sensation is said to be superior to that of Robusta. and some Filipino java lovers prefer Barako to Arabica 4. 2 COMPETITION PROFILE Major Players in the Industry of java: Starbucks strength rested on four factors: retail enlargement. merchandise and service invention. holding an ascertained clean shop. and being a trade name associated with the specialty/gourmet java niche. The strongest property that consumers associate with the Starbucks trade name is its being known for specialty/gourmet java. Starbucks is a widely-recognized trade name. Its top-of-mind callback is high.

It is both a family name and a cant. Seattle’s Best Coffee LLC has been roasting premium java since 1970 and today roasts more than 20 million lbs of java every twelvemonth and 1000000s of cups of our java are served every twenty-four hours. Seattle’s Best Coffee is a featured trade name within Starbucks Corporation. The smooth gustatory sensation of Seattle’s Best Coffee has appealed to Filipino gustatory sensation buds. Their smooth and flavor-filled javas are frequently partnered with every bit deluxe repasts that engage the gustatory sensation buds. Their pastries and pasta are every bit delightful and keeps clients coming back for more.

The UCC started as a shop under the name of “Ueshima Tadao Shoten” in 1933. It became limited partnership in 1940 and on 1951. became “Ueshima Coffee Co. . Ltd. “ . The company introduced the world’s foremost canned java. “UCC Coffee with Milk”on April 1969 get downing the tendency for Nipponese Canned Coffee. The Euro-Japanese amalgamate nutrient. free wi-fi cyberspace. and assorted cafe constructs makes the UCC Cafe a really trustworthy haunt topographic point for Filipinos. They have several subdivisions in the state and eight other Asiatic states. They have a really simple layout but favourable quality.

The Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf is an American java concatenation. owned and operated by International Coffee & A ; Tea. LLC. which has its corporate central office in Los Angeles. California. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has a really clean atmosphere. advanced java mixes and truly good client service. This makes them one of the frequented topographic points for java and chilling out. Flavorful. moderately priced and scenic. the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shops continue to pull in the coffee-loving crowds. Gloria Jean’s Coffees an Australian owned planetary forte java company. and is a trade name synonymous with java quality and taking franchise systems.

Personalized service. fun java spirits and strategic locations ( as one of the awarded foreign franchises in the state ) make Gloria Jean’s stay at the top of its game as one of the country’s best java stores. The shop ambiance is besides first-class and they maintain a loyal following. The Chocolate Macadamia Coffee is a local favourite. “Bo’s Coffee” is a registered hallmark of the concern name of a concatenation of forte java stores that serves espresso drinks. forte java drinks and others. in an atmosphere that has been created to provide to a lifestyle market with know aparting gustatory sensation.

Bo’s Coffee Club is really high terminal java store that has services and merchandise tailored to accommodate the demands of high society java drinkers. They maintain first-class service and merchandise done in good gustatory sensation. literally and figuratively 4. 3 CUSTOMER PROFILE The typical and most committed java drinkers are 25 to 45 twelvemonth old. affluent. educated grownups. While babe boomers have driven the success of java stores. forte java entreaties to a diverse grownup demographic. including college pupils and immature grownups. Larger companies may besides sell java beans sweeping to commercial clients. such as food market shops and eating houses.

Size AND GROWTH 1. Make you imbibe java? All of our respondents said that they drink java. Reason why they drink coffee 40 % of our respondents said that they drink java because of coffee’s stimulating belongingss and benefits that help them in mundane work. 28 % Said that its gustatory sensation. 18 % to suit in with others while 14 % said that it’s out of wont. 2. When do you prefer to imbibe java? Most of our respondents said that they drink java anytime. 3. Make you travel to coffee stores? 78 % of our respondents said they go to coffee stores to imbibe java and have pastime activities. Reason why yes?

30 % of our respondents said that they like the java that the java store serves. 25 % said that to loosen up and hold base on balls clip their. 15 % said that to suit in with others. 10 % said that they like the merchandises they sell. Reason why no? 20 % of the respondents said that it’s out of their budget and 80 % said that it’s merely a waste of money. 4. What java stores you normally travel? 76 % of our respondents said they go to Starbucks. 12 % go to Kopiroti. and 6 % each for Seattle’s Best and Figaro. 5. Make you cognize Figaro? Majority of our respondents said they know Figaro. How they know Figaro?

Most of our respondents said that they saw Figaro subdivisions around the metropoliss and some are word of oral cavity from friends. 3. How much you are willing to pass in a java store? 52 % of our respondents are willing to pass if the monetary value of the java will run from P100-P150 4. What do you anticipate from a java store? Everyone expects a great tasting java. clean environment. good service and because of the engineering everyone wants a free WI-FI 5. What nutrient you want a java store to function? Most respondents want staff of life as a spouse to java because they merely want to ear light nutrients in java stores. 4. 4.

Target MARKET PROFILE Primary Target Market Our mark market is the concern executives and immature professionals because they hold a large portion of the market portion in the java industry. They are the people that have the wont in imbibing java and they are the 1s who often go to coffee stores and for them that is their 3rd place. Normally this people do meetings in java stores and conference because of the good atmosphere and good surrounding. They choose coffee stores as their 3rd place because they can concentrate in their meeting or concern matter particularly because of the minimum noise in the java stores.

They want to hang up in java stores because of the comfy environment and it is low-cost. Secondary Target Market Our secondary mark market is the category B and C. In the coevals today pupils and aliens normally go to coffee stores because for them they can analyze in java stores and they can loosen up and make pass clip plants. They prefer to analyze in java stores alternatively in their places because they can analyze here for hours without being disturbed and they besides choose it as their secondary relaxations topographic point. 4. 5 Pricing PROFILE FIGARO| STARBUCKS| SEATTLE’S BEST| GLORIA JEANS| HOT DRINKSMacchiato85.

00Espresso85. 00 – 109. 00Cappuccino95. 00 – 119. 00Cafe Mocha105. 00 -135. 00White Chocolate Mocha115. 00Cafe Latte95. 00 – 119. 00Cafe Au Lait95. 00 – 119. 00Americano85. 00 – 119. 00Brewed Coffee85. 00 – 119. 00Chocolate Cookie Latte120. 00Caramel Cappuccino Light115. 00Butterscotch Vanilla Latte115. 00 8oz. Peach Latte120. 00 8oz. Strawberry Latte20. 00 8oz. Creme Brulee Latte120. 00Raspberry Mint Latte110. 00Other Hot DrinksHot Tea 85. 00 – 115. 00Hot Chocolate85. 00 – 105. 00Cafe Mocha Light115. 00Steamed Milk85. 00 – 105. 00Blueberry Muffin65. 00Cheese Muffin65. 00Chocolate Muffin65.

00Asado Pie59. 00Tuna Pie59. 00Carrot Loaf69. 00Pudding with Vanilla Sauce69. 00Food for the God’s59. 00Heavenly Cheese Roll59. 00OatmeaL Chocolate Chevvy55. 00Chocolate Cake119. 00My Small Oscar119. 00Dark Chocolate Raspberry Symphony130. 00Strawberry Cheesecake135. 00Chocolate Chip Cookie59. 00Oatmeal Raisin Cookie59. 00English Marital Bar59. 00Banana Hazelnut Turnover79. 00Marble Cream Cheese Brownie70. 00Chocolate Eclair75. 00Tiramisu Eclair75. 00Pepperoni Calzone95. 00Supreme Calzone95. 00Blueberry Cheesecake Lite130. 00Blueberry Almond Puff79. 00| COFEE. TEA AND CLASSICSHot Brewed Coffee80.

00 – 120. 00Hot Brewed Tea90. 00 – 105. 00Iced Tea90. 00 – 120. 00Signature Hot Chocolate105. 00 – 140. 00Caffe Latte90. 00 – 130. 00Cappuccino90. 00 – 130. 00Caffe Mocha100. 00 – 145. 00White Chocolate Mocha115. 00 – 160. 00Caramel Macchiato115. 00 – 160. 00Blended CoffeeMocha125. 00 – 150. 00Caramel125. 00 – 150. 00Dark Mocha155. 00 – 180. 00Coffee Jelly145. 00 – 170. 00Java Chip145. 00 – 170. 00Mint Java ChipvariesHazelnut MochaVariesCreme Brulee FrappuccinovariesChai Frappuccino with Coffee JellyvariesBlack SesameGreen TeavariesBlended CreamCaramel Cream125. 00- 150. 00Chocolate Cream 120.

00 – 145. 00Strawberries and Cream145. 00 – 170. 00Chocolate Cream Chip120. 00 – 145. 00Blended Juice DrinkMango Passion Fruit 125. 00 – 150. 00Raspberry Black Currant 125. 00 – 150. 00Honey Glazed Doughnut40. 00Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie50. 00Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookie50. 00Double Chocolate Walnut Brownie50. 00Butterscotch Fudge Bar 50. 00Cinnamon Roll/ Swirl55. 00Ensaymada65. 00Danish65. 00Tuna. Corned Beef and ChickenPandesal55. 00Pork Adobo Roll70. 00Cheese Croissant70. 00Sausage Roll75. 00Italian Pocket95. 00Banoffee Pie105. 00Banana Loaf50. 00| THE PERFresh Brewed Coffee80.

00 – 105. 00Americano Perfect85. 00 – 110. 00Cappuccino95. 00 – 120. 00Breve105. 00 – 130. 00Chai Tea Latte 115. 00 -145. 00Hot Tea95. 00Ice Blended and DeliciousMocha125. 00 – 150. 00JavaChip145. 00 Double Chocolate Mint 135. 00 – 160. 00Chai Tea145. 00 – 170. 00Java Jelly145. 00 – 170. 00Classic Iced Tea90. 00 – 120. 00Naughty Toddy90. 00 – 110. 00Classic American Latte 100. 00 – 130. 00Americano95. 00 – 125. 00World’s Best Coffee MilkshakeClassic Javanilla Shake155. 00Milkshakes155. 00HOT. HSeattle’s Best Coffee LattesHot Authoritative American Latte90. 00 – 115. 00Caramel Latte110. 00 – 130.

00Vanilla Latte110. 00 – 130. 00Hazelnut Latte 110. 00 – 130. 00Almond Latte 110. 00 – 130. 00Raspberry Latte 110. 00 – 130. 00Seattle’s Best Coffee MochasClassic Mocha100. 00White Chocolate Mocha 120. 00 – 150. 00Raspberry Mocha Kiss120. 00 – 150. 00Almond Mocha Joy120. 00 – 150. 00| Espresso ClassicsCappuccino85. 00 – 110. 00Caffe Latte85. 00 – 110. 00Caffe Mocha95. 00 – 125. 00Espresso80. 00 – 125. 00Machiatto80. 00 – 125. 00Americano80. 00 – 105. 00Filtered Coffee of the Day75. 00 – 100. 00Espresso ExpressionsCaramelae110. 00 – 145. 00Mocha Caramelatte110. 00 – 145. 00White Chocolate Mocha110.

00 – 145. 00Chocolate Macadamia Latte110. 00 – 145. 00Irish Nut Creme110. 00 – 145. 00Very Vanilla Latte110. 00 – 145. 00Tea & A ; ChocolateChai Tea Latte95. 00 – 125. 00Hot Tea85. 00 – 110. 00HotChocolate & A ; Marshmallows115. 00 – 140. 00COLD DRINKSVery Vanilla Chiller135. 00 – 165. 00Creme Brulee135. 00 – 165. 00Cookies ‘n Cream125. 00 -150. 00Mint Chocolate Bomb125. 00 – 150. 00Cappuccino ChillersVanilla Caramel135. 00 – 165. 00Chocolate Macadami140. 00 – 170. 00Gourmet Iced ChocolatesStrawberries n’ Cream130. 00 – 155. 00Iced Chocolate130. 00 – 155. 00Over IceCappuccino Chiller115. 00 – 155.

00Iced Mocha115. 00 – 155. 00Iced Latte100. 00 – 125. 00Strawberry Smoothie135. 00 – 165. 00Mixed Berry Smoothie135. 00 – 165. 00Mango Smoothie135. 00 – 165. 00Tropical Coconut135. 00 – 165. 00Fruit ChillersStrawberry130. 00 – 150. 00Mango Chillers130. 00 – 150. 00| 6 4. 6 ADVERTISEMENT AND PROMOTIONS Marketing Tools| Program Activities| Expansion of Coffee Shop Branches| Figaro will spread out its selected java store subdivisions by adding a “conference section” . Extra infinite needed will be rented and extra chairs. tabular arraies and conference room equipments such as projectors will be provided.

Conference Section will be used by concern executives and the similar. on a rental per hr footing. These infinites will organize portion of the general country if non rented. Figaro will implement this program on concern metropoliss like Makati. Ortigas and some parts of Quezon City. | Television for Entertainment| There will be Televisions on every subdivisions of Figaro nationally. This is to entertain clients through films. hoops games etc. | Customer Advantage CardMagazine Advertisements| For every purchase a client will gain points that can be converted to freebees like free tickets to film houses upon making a certain point.

Figaro will hold a image advertizement in Entrepreneur Magazine and other concern magazines. publicizing the “Conference Section” of Figaro. We will publicize on Lifestyle Magazines every bit good. | Newspaper Advertisements| Newspaper Advertisements in the signifier of images will besides be provided in the taking newspapers in the Philippines during Sundays on Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star. We will besides do imperativeness releases on these newspapers. | Television Show Segment Promotion| Figaro. after the successful execution of the proposed enlargement. will be featured in a Television Show where it can showcase it’s being “Second Comfort Zone” .

| Social Networking Sites| Improvements to the official Facebook page will be made. Designs will be added based on the season- for illustration: Valentines. Summer. Christmas etc. Linkss to the official company web site. official chirrup history and to Figaro’s imperativeness releases will be provided. This page will besides function as a topographic point where clients can post their remarks and reappraisals. A chirrup history will besides be established. These networking sites will maintain the online community informed sing the betterments. | Leaflets| Leaflets will be made available on Figaro subdivisions nationally. | SECTION 5 OPERATING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS

Figaro Support System From assisting you procure your site to the thorough preparation of your employees. Figaro Coffee Company has a strong support system to help you in the gap and on-going operation of your concern. a. Initial site appraisal. B. Training in the Figaro System for the franchisee and the Initial subdivision staff. c. Site design and building aid. d. Comprehensive Store Operations Manual. e. An gap squad assigned for the branch’s first month of operations. f. Continuous research and betterment of the Figaro merchandise line. g.

Regular field visits by the Figaro Operations Team to give in-site aid. h. Continuous preparation plans. I. A web of regular communications with franchises. Pre-qualification The qualities we look for in a franchise include: 1. A passion for java and enthusiasm for the concern. 2. A rigorous attachment to Franchise Standards. and a committedness of clip and resources to the Figaro System.

3. A desire for a reciprocally good concern relationship. 4. The resources to put a lower limit of? 5 to 7 million. depending on the concern theoretical account most suited to the site chosen by the franchise applier. Application Process To acquire your ain Figaro franchise system started: 1.

E-mail a Letter of Intent incorporating name of interested party. showing involvement in a franchise and proposed site and location ( if any ) to Franchise Relations Manager: [ electronic mail protected ]com 2. Upon reception of the Letter of Intent. we will schedule a Franchise Orientation Meeting with you to discourse the elaborate processs on how to procure a franchise. 3. Fill out the Franchise Qualification Form. 4. If qualified. you will be required to carry on a feasibleness survey of the selected site utilizing our Market Study signifier.

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