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Using Hebrew Fonts on Academic Computing Personal Computers Step 1) Login to one of Lab Computers and click on Start > Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office Language Settings. You will see the dialog box on the right on your screen. Select Hebrew Language from left side box, you should see Hebrew listed inside “Enabled Languages” box (right side. ) Click on OK button to close this window. Once you apply this setting, it will be stored into your account profile and you won’t need to repeat it, if you move to a different computer in the Labs or Library.

Step 2) You should look for this icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. By clicking on this icon a list of available languages will appear on the screen. Or you can simply switch from one language to another by pressing the Alt and Shift keys simultaneously. Step 3) Run Microsoft Word application and select a Font from the list of Fonts in the Microsoft Word XP toolbar menu.

Note: If you are unable to change the size of Hebrew Fonts, it means you have NOT applied the first step properly. Repeat Step 1.Step 4) If you don’t know the location of the Hebrew alphabet on your keyboard, you can use Microsoft Visual Keyboard Utility. You can start this Utility by clicking on the Microsoft Visual Keyboard icon on desktop or from Start menu.

Start > Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Visual Keyboard Note: If the visual keyboard is in English, apply Step 2 to switch to Hebrew. If you have any problems after following the above steps, please contact us at [email protected] EDU or call us at: WILF Campus (212) 960 5438, BEREN Campus (212) 340 7772 08-JAN-08 ITS/Academic Computing/Using Hebrew Fonts

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