Federal Bureau of Investigation

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FBI agents go under rigirous training to become an agent. It takes a lot of skill and have plenty of physical training. Theres a lot of experience and education you need to become and FBI agent. There are also many requirements you need to pass like you need to be between the ages of 23 and 37 and you need to be a U. S. citizen. You need to have 20/20 vision in at least one eye. You need to have a bachelors degree in a really good college.

You need to major in law, accounting, science, or language. You need to be able to pay special attention when it comes to trying to get a job like this and you will have to prepare to have your work to come first. It will become your personal life. You will learn that you will need to drop whatever your doing in a moments notice. You will go through rigirous amounts of training before you are even chosen to be a special agent of the fbi. You will have extremely hard written tests.

Very strict background checks. Major interviews. As well as four months of extreme conditioning. Agents that work for the FBI agency

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are very intelligent, fit, and sharp. You will be expected to be able to use deadly force. As well as carry a gun with you everywhere you go. For your first 2-4 years you will be sitting at a desk writing up reports. The average pay for an FBI agent is around $100,000. They work a lot of hours. There job is as well very stressful.

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