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As a pupil of Human Resource Development Management we are funny on how the security bureaus deploy the employees. We’ve seen tonss of security guards. about all private bureaus have their security forces and we are cognizant that each gathered it from different bureaus. The schemes on how they recruit employees that they are deploying. A security bureau is an organisation which behavior intelligence activities for the international or local security of the state. province or organisation. They are the domestic cousins of the foreign intelligence bureau.


The advocates decided to call the concern Security Net Agency ; this was really inspired by our group in the category which is SN or Saucer Net. We came up of Security Net Agency for we are offering Security Services. We besides use the word Internet. because presents when you hear the word “net” the first thing that comes in our head is “social media or Internet”


From the minute our ascendants figured out at that place was a difference between ‘mine’ and ‘ours’ at that place became a demand for private security. Since its low beginnings in Ancient Egypt on through to the recent events of our station 9/11 universe world continues to necessitate the industries of private security.

From the really beginning of Human history the issue of security has ever been a top precedence. As human sort began to turn and go more industrial and to go more militaristic more and more societies began to use the services of Security Guard services. This is something that was different from the standard ground forcess at that clip. because soldiers came a dime a twelve at that clip. The issue of personal security was more of a closer issue as Kings and members of high society required a safety cyberspace from enemies foreign and domestic.

When these Kings and members of high society bought belongings and formed industrial corporations. these corporations and these entities needed to be guarded on a more consistent footing and so we can see how the earliest signifiers of Security Guards were present in society even as far back and the early Hellenic and Egyptian societies. Naturally Iranian Roman and Asian Societies followed suit and employed Security Guard services in their societies as good.

Based on Philippines 2013 Crime and Safety Report. the Overall Crime and Safety Situation which is offense is a important concern in urban countries of the Philippines. Typical condemnable Acts of the Apostless include pick-pocketing. assurance strategies. familiarity cozenage. and. in some instances. recognition card fraud. Carjacking. snatchs. robberies. and violent assaults periodically occur. Harmonizing to the Philippine National Police Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management. the Entire Crime Volume ( TCV ) in 2012 was 217. 812 as compared to 2011 with 241. 988 – a lessening of 24. 176. Of the entire 217. 812 offense incidents. the National Capital Regional Police Office ( NCRPO ) registered the highest with 56. 978 followed by Regions 3 ( Bulacan. Bataan. Pampanga. Nueva Ecija. Zambales. Tarlac. Aurora ) and 7 ( Cebu. Bohol. Negros Oriental. Siquijor ) with 22. 498 and 20. 466 reported incidents severally. Theft ( 43. 606 incidents ) . physical assault ( 34. 825 incidents ) . and robbery ( 26. 988 incidents ) are the top three normally committed offenses harmonizing to the TCV.


The advocates decided to set up the concern at Panay Ave. Quezon City. Philippines. known as one of the commercial territory in Metro Manila. The topographic point is besides accessible to our clients and it is surrounded by different concern constitution that serves as our clients.


The increasing rate of unemployment rate is one of the factors that we consider in edifice up this concern. Harmonizing to the latest study in the cyberspace. the unemployment rate in Philippines was last reported at 7. 0 % in July of 2012. Historically. from 1995 until 2012. Philippines Unemployment Rate averaged 9. 0 % making an all clip high of 13. 9 % in April of 2002 and a record depression of 6. 3 % in October of 2007. The unemployment rate can be defined as the figure of people actively looking for a occupation as a per centum of the labour force. Harmonizing to Philippine National Police the offense rate in Metro Manila increased 63. 8 % in the first half of 2012. compared to the same period last twelvemonth. Last year’s January-June incidents of 18. 671 rose to 29. 231 this twelvemonth. These things pursue as to make this type of concern. Sing this issue leads us to set up this sort of concern to supply good quality security service.

We believe that this concern will give chance to those who graduated in high school that are unemployed every bit long as they are qualified to be portion of our bureau. This will certainly diminish the unemployment rate and the offense rate in Metro Manila.


Security Net Agency ( SNA ) mission is to protect life and belongings of the client in order to accomplish a hearty feedback with client we dedicate ourselves in supplying personalize. quality monitoring. Our concerns are the public people either residential commercial provides hearty solution to everyone protection.


Security Net Agency ( SNA ) vision is to be the top prima security bureau in the Philippines. Our public presentation will be guided by a clear and concise strategic direction statement for each concern unit. Achieving our vision requires superior and continual improving public presentation in every degree of the bureau. We will larn our client enthusiasm through uninterrupted betterment driven by the unity. teamwork and invention SN’s people. Promotes and raisings service excellence. Our end is to supply a service that addresses the security demands of our clients and these end have been demonstrated by our dedicated public presentation.


The proposed survey will find the assorted challenges of the Human Resource Management pattern in using and deploying their employees. We are intended to take the best Security Agency where we are committed to acquire our securities to be deployed.

Undertaking Logo

Chapter II

This chapter discusses the different facet of the proposed undertaking which includes the type of concern organisation. organisational chart and map of each direction forces their responsibilities and duties. makings. compensation and periphery benefit. It besides discusses the organisation policy for both endowment and employee of the company and enlisting procedure. Last. it answers how the undertaking shall be manage by indicating out the houses or individual involved or to be involved in analyzing the different facet of the undertaking.


To understand the flow of the organisation in this type of concern. To demo the procedure on how to calculate the basic wages. tax write-offs and the inducements of the employees.



A partnership is the relationship bing between two or more individuals who join to transport on trade or concern. Each individual contributes money. belongings. labour or accomplishments and expects to portion in the net incomes and losingss of the concern.

Each spouse includes his or her portion of the partnership’s income or loss on his or her revenue enhancement return.

Advantages of Partnership

* Partnerships are comparatively easy to set up. * With more than one proprietor. the ability to raise financess may be increased. both because two or more spouses may be able to lend more financess and because their adoption capacity may be greater. * Prospective employees may be attracted to the concern if given the inducement to go a spouse. * A partnership may profit from the combination of complementary accomplishments of two or more people. There is a broad pool of cognition. accomplishments and contacts.

Flexibility – A partnership is by and large easier to organize. manage and run. They are less purely regulated than companies. in footings of the Torahs regulating the formation and because the spouses have the lone say in the manner the concern is run ( without intervention by stockholders ) they are far more flexible in footings of direction. every bit long as all the spouses can hold.

Shared Responsibility – Partners can portion the duty of the running of the concern. This will let them to do the most of their abilities. Rather than dividing the direction and taking an equal portion of each concern undertaking. they might good divide the work harmonizing to their accomplishments.

Decision Making – Partners portion the determination devising and can assist each other out when they need to. More spouses mean more encephalons that can be picked for concern thoughts and for the resolution of jobs that the concern brushs.

Disadvantages of Partnership

* Net incomes must be shared with others. You have to make up one’s mind on how you value each other’s clip and accomplishments. What happens if one spouse can set in less clip due to personal fortunes? * Since determinations are shared. dissensions can happen. A partnership is for the long term. and outlooks and state of affairss can alter. which can take to dramatic and traumatic split ups.

Disagreements – Obviously people are likely to hold different thoughts on how the concern should be run. who should be making what and what the best involvements of the concern are. This can take to dissensions and differences which might non merely harm the concern. but besides the relationship of those involved.

Agreement – Because the partnership is jointly run. it is necessary that all the spouses agree with things that are being done. This means that in some fortunes there are fewer freedoms with respects to the direction of the concern. Particularly compared to sole bargainers

Liability – Ordinary Partnerships are capable to limitless liability. which means that each of the spouses portions the liability and fiscal hazards of the concern. This can be countered by the formation of a limited liability partnership. which benefits from the advantages of limited liability granted
to limited companies. while still taking advantage of the flexibleness of the partnership theoretical account.

Taxation – One of the major disadvantages of partnership. revenue enhancement Torahs mean that spouses must pay revenue enhancement in the same manner as exclusive bargainers. each subjecting a Self Assessment revenue enhancement return each twelvemonth. They are besides required to register as self employed with HM Revenue & A ; Customs. The current Torahs mean that if the partnership ( and the spouses ) bring in more than a certain degree. so they are capable to greater degrees of personal revenue enhancement than they would be in a limited company. This means that in most instances puting up a limited company would be more good as the revenue enhancement Torahs are more favorable

Net income Sharing – Spouses portion the net incomes every bit. This can take to inconsistency where one or more spouses aren’t seting a just portion of attempt into the running or direction of the concern. but still harvesting the wagess.

Capital – Due to the nature of the concern. the spouses will fund the concern with start up capital. This means that the more spouses there are. the more money they can set into the concern. which will let better flexibleness and more possible for growing. It besides means more possible net income. which will be every bit shared between the spouses.

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