FAU MAR3023 – Ch. 12 Quiz

While bad customer service can distance customers, good customer service alone cannot keep customers happy.
Which of the following is true of customer service?
increase brand loyalty.
The ultimate goal of delivering superior customer service is to:
The delivery of the book to Maven
Maven placed an order for a book in an online bookstore, Parallel Lines, on 28th August 2013 and received the book on 31st August. In the same period, Parallel Lines sold 6,700 copies of the same book. After the book was delivered to Maven, she received a confirmation call from the customer service of Parallel Lines. Which of the following activities in this scenario is a part of the order cycle constituting Maven’s order?
Item fill rate
_____ is a metric that measures the percentage of the total number of items on an order that a firm shipped on time.
the value of goods shipped on time versus the total value of the order.
Steve is an account manager at an inventory management firm. He wants to measure the dollar fill rate of some of his customers’ orders. In order to complete this task, Steve should measure:
Line fill rate
Sarah, the marketing manager of an e-commerce firm, wants to measure the percentage of orders shipped and completed in time, based on stock keeping units. Which of the following metrics should Sarah use?
The ability of the firm to answer question concerning the use of the product
Which of the following can a firm measure during the post-transaction point in the customer communication process?
_____ is a metric that measures a firm’s ability and willingness to provide fast service answer customer inquiries, and resolve problems..
It is a state that is achieved when a firm meets the needs and expectations of customers.
Which of the following is true of customer satisfaction?
They put only the customer in the center of their thinking in terms of strategy and operations.
Which of the following is true of companies that base their business on the marketing concept?
It should offer customized products and personalize communication with its customers.
Oswell, an online apparels retailer, has a customer-oriented strategy. One of the firm’s goals is delivering superior service to its customers. How can Oswell build brand loyalty among its customers?
Relationship marketing
_____ refers to a strategy that focuses on building brand loyalty by attracting, maintaining, and enhancing customer associations.
establish the ways in which it will provide more customer value than its competitors do.
One of the basic keys for a company to building good relationships with customers is to:
Customer value
_____ refers to the perceived benefits that a consumer receives from a product compared to the cost associated with obtaining it.
Customer relationship management software
Eva, a sales analyst at ShopOn.com, wants to capture and store consumer data to create and maintain customer profiles. She studies data to identify purchasing patterns and buying habits. Using this information, the marketing team will be able to target marketing campaigns at specific segments of customers. Which of the following software types should she use for this purpose?
Identifying current customers
Which of the following is the first step in the customer relationship management process for a company?
It involves the use of data mining to search for meaningful trends in vast amounts of data.
Which of the following is true of the customer relationship management process for a company?
Lifetime value analysis
Richard is the newly recruited operations manager at Stripes, an online shoe store. He was recruited after the CEO noticed no significant improvement in sales figures despite the increase in marketing and promotions during the past three quarters. Richard’s first task is to assess the profitability of existing and potential customers in the long run. He has to compare the costs of retaining customers and the costs involved in acquiring new ones. Which of the following methods of analysis will serve this purpose?
install robust firewalls to prevent unauthorized access.
To safeguard against a breach of security, CRM systems must:
Customer equity
_____ refers to a ratio that compares the financial investments a company puts into gaining and keeping customers to the financial return on those investments.
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