Fast food is so popular in the world

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And 53. 2% of people said because I’m too busy to cook. The research also found that the “I’m too busy to cook” was more popular among people with college degree than people with less education. Fast food is getting popular today, but how do they get into our life? First, fast food restaurants are every/here in the world.

In United States, there are over 230,000 fast food restaurants with over 400 brands.

Although the biggest fast DOD company McDonald’s is already serving 1 % of the world’s population, they are going to “open a restaurant every day in the next three to four years in China. ” Said Peter Iredell, McDonald’s company president of Greater Asia and Middle East. So there must be one fast food restaurant next to you and me.

Second, because we are no longer living in the good old days. Before, women would stay home to cook, clean, and take care of kids. But after World War II and the women’s rights movement in 1 9605, women started to work. Americans lifestyle changed.

Today, everyone lives in a hectic world, people cannot slow down, so fast food became an important way to provide fast and delicious food to people.

In conclusion, Fast food is so popular in the world and we can’t face to the lure. Although everyone knows that fast food is not healthy and will bring up a lot of negative effects, but we can’t stop to eat it. Because the fast food restaurants are every,’/here, and people become more and more busy today, they do have time to cook for themselves. So think if we do not change the way that we live, this will become a huge society problem in our next generation.

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