?Fashion influencing our youth Essay

“We unrecorded non harmonizing to ground, but harmonizing to fashion” 1. Searching for something better is human nature. However, every bit far as adult females are concerned, this alteration is normally in footings of beauty and looks. 2. Manner, harmonizing to Longman dictionary agencies, “The manner of dressing or acting that is usual or popular at a certain time” . 3. But to me there is another dimension of manner and that is making something exceeding ( this pertains to the people who are known as tendency compositors ) . 4.

Use of manner and new ways of showing oneself can be traced back to pre scriptural yearss when married womans of the Pharaohs of Egypt did about anything to do them most attractive. But those were good old yearss with no telecasting, newspapers or telephones to publicize new face raising techniques and tools. 5. God made work forces and adult females to be appealing to one another to look upon– for obvious grounds. But of all time since the autumn, there have had to be barriers put into topographic point to protect us from inappropriate desires and to take to sexual ideas and wickedness.

6. Coming to the point that over the centuries many new ways and tendencies have been devised to look good. This has given rise to competition and this competition has taken its toll on the pockets of the staff of life earners i. e. the males. 7. The biggest inauspicious consequence is the cachexia of cherished resources. The female batch as by its mind goes on violent disorder to happen the trendiest apparels along with a brace of fiting places and cosmetics, etc. Truly talking it’s normally non a brace of fiting places but braces of fiting places.

For the elect category handling such disbursals is non a large job but for the people from the lower in-between category and the in-between category this excess disbursement has come hard on their pockets, doing it even more hard for them to do ends meet. 8. The 2nd major inauspicious consequence of the manner fad in our state is that when adult females folk see a new tendency, they try to copy it without seeing if it matches their build or suits their pocket. What they see and experience is that now they would resemble the theoretical account they have seen on the telecasting have oning the same outfit.

Some other complications are related to our societal and spiritual values. Sometimes the fad of looking attractive fuelled by some western telecasting channels crosses the really all right but clearly seeable bounds of the significance of the word “acceptable” and this is the ugly face of manner, the darkest side of the image. 9. Another consequence of manner fad shows misss are obsessional with losing weight even when they are non corpulent, there are many thin misss that want to look like the ace theoretical accounts and thin famous persons so they engage in feeding upsets which leads to severe wellness issues and even decease. 10.

The serious major issue which I think presents is we are now invariably focused on exposing the antecedently unexposed. We’re pulling attending to things that used to be personal. We’re taking the surprise and enigma out of things that used to be saved for partners, and alternatively airing them from the mountaintops. 11. To reason, I would wish to state that manner among young person should be at that place as it is the mark of a healthy and originative head to show itself in the best possible manner but our societal, cultural and spiritual values should besides be maintained and we must besides seek to populate within our agencies.

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