Famous Personalities Who Took Up Engineering Courses

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She dropped out after a semester to go Into modeling full-time. 3. Bill (Mechanical Engineering) Bill actually graduated from Cornell university with a Bachelor’s Degree In Mechanical Engineering in 1977. After graduation, he headed to Seattle to work for Boeing. During his time in Seattle, he entered a Steve Martin look-a-like contest that eventually led to his dual careers: An engineer by day, stand-up comic by night. In a few short years, he began appearing on Saturday Night Live and later on Comedy Central, and “Bill the Science Guy” was born. . Tom (Mechanical Engineering) Before Tom founded the rock band “Boston”, he received both bachelors and master’s degrees In mechanical engineering from MIT. While he was a student at MIT he made his own pedals for his electric guitar and experimented with sounds. HIS first Job out of college was as a senior product designer for the Polaroid Corporation, where he received his first of many patent credits. 5. Jimmy Carter (Nuclear Engineering) Jimmy Carter was the US president and was also a nuclear engineer.

Carter went to the Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated in 1947 from US Naval Academy with a general Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering. In the navy, he focused on submarines. He was chosen for the nuclear submarine program and did graduate work in reactor technology and nuclear physics. 6. Scott Adams (Software Engineering) Scott Adams was never technically trained as an “engineer,” though “engineer” was on his business card. He worked as a software / telecommunications engineer at Pacific Bell.

From 1989 until 1 995, he worked his day Job while doing the comic strip mornings, evenings and weekends. The first man on the moon was an engineer! Armstrong majored in aerospace engineering at University, which he followed up with a master’s in aerospace from the University of Southern California. Afterwards, he Joined the new and trained as a pilot. He later became a test pilot, and finally an astronaut before landing on the moon and uttering one of the most repeated and quoted phrases in human history. 8.

Mario / Pope Francis (Chemical Engineering) Before entering the seminary, Pope Francis studied chemistry and graduated as a chemical engineer. 9. Rowan (Electrical Engineering) Before becoming the famous Mr.. Bean, Rowan studied at the Newcastle University in 1975 where he obtained his bachelor’s in electrical engineering. Afterward he continued his studies, ultimately obtaining the degree of MASK in Electrical Engineering from The Queen’s College, Oxford. While studying at Oxford, he pursued acting on the side with a variety of clubs.

It is from here that he was bitten by the acting bug and decided to forgo his career as an engineer. 10. Herbert Hoover (Civil and Mining Engineering) Before becoming the US president, Herbert Hoover was both a civil and a mining engineer. Hoover started out at Stanford in 1891 and got a Job as a mining engineer in Australia. He then went to work in the Chinese mining industry and started a few mining companies. Afterwards, he got more and more involved with government work, before finally becoming president. 11. Tom (Industrial Engineering) One of the most famous coaches in was an engineer.

Tom received his degree in industrial engineering from the University of Texas (where he played football) and the University of Houston, graduating in 1952. Before starting his coaching career in 1956, he first became a player in the . 12. (Biochemical Engineering) Before becoming an actor, enrolled at the University of Iowa in 1996 where he majored in Biochemical Engineering. He was motivated to take this degree because he had the desire to find a cure for his younger brother’s heart ailment. 13.

Ally Walker ( Engineering) Walker went to college with the intention of becoming a scientist or a doctor. She attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and obtained a bachelor’s in biochemistry. But, while there, she worked in the labs as a researcher on a genetic engineering project. But shortly after being a cast in her first film (Aloha Summer), her career in science was put on hold. Attended College and double-majored in electrical engineering and music. Though he was an accomplished musician before he even got to college, music was not his first draw. 5. Sergey and Larry Page (Computer Science) Bring and Page were two computer nuts who first met at Stanford University a decade ago while earning graduate degrees in computer science. Bring had a B. S. In mathematics from the University of Maryland while Page had an engineering B. S. From the University of Michigan. They didn’t get along at first, but their friendship grew as Bring and Page toiled in the dorm, seeking a new way to search the Internet. The fruits of their labor: Google, the Internet’s most popular search engine.

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