Famous Men-dudes

Name: JJ Thomson
Date of Discovery: 1987
Discovery: Electrons
Experiment: Involved passing electric current through gases at low pressure
Name: E. Rutherford
Date of Discovery: 1911
Discovery: Nucleus
Experiment: Directed a narrow beam of alpha particles at a very thin sheet of gold file
Name: E. Goldstein
Date of Discovery: 1886
Discovery: Protons
Experiment: observed a cathode-ray tube and found rays traveling in the direction opposite to that of the cathode rays
Name: J. Dalton
Date of Discovery:
Discovery: Atomic Theory Experiment: Studied the ratios in which elements combine in chemical reactions Four Theories: 1. Atoms are composed of indivisible atoms. 2.Atoms of the same element are identical. 3. Atoms of different elements can mix together in a simple whole # ratios 4. Chemical reactions occur when atoms seperate or combine
Name: Democritus
Date of Discovery: fourth century B.C.
Discovery: Atoms
Name: N. Bohr
Date of Discovery: 1940
Discovery: modern concept of the atomic model
Name: J. Chadwick
Date of Discovery: 1932
Discovery: Neutrons
Name: R. Millikan
Date of Discovery:
Discovery: The quantity of charge carried by an electron and the ratio of the charge to the mass of an electron
Name: E. Schroedinger
Date of Discovery: 1933
Discovery: new productive forms of atomic theory
Name: D. Mendeleev
Date of Discovery: mid-1800s
Discovery: Period Table of Elements
Name: H. Moseley
Date of Discovery: 1913
Discovery: Atomic number of the atoms of the elements

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